Here Is The World’s Fastest-Growing Running Shoe Brand Right Now

The World's Fastest-Growing Running Shoe Brand

The On Running brand has had a great year in 2023 and is currently the world’s fastest-growing running shoe brand. This is according to the company’s recently released financial statements.

The On brand has achieved three record-breaking quarters in the first nine months of 2023, with annual net sales growth of 57.2%*. It has also led On to increase its net sales forecast for the fourth quarter ending December 31, 2023. It now expects to reach CHF 1.79 billion, which would represent a full-year growth of over 46%.

What has Made On Running Shoes so Popular?

The World's Fastest-Growing Running Shoe Brand

It should be added that the brand is still far from the search volumes that global giants Nike and adidas have around the world. Hoka One One is also a brand that has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. But if you only look at the growth in 2023 compared to 2022, On Running is the world’s fastest-growing running shoe brand right now.

So what is it that has made running shoes from On Running so popular? Partly, of course, it is the increased investment in marketing in strategic markets such as the United States, but during the year we have also seen an improvement in several different areas regarding the product development of their running shoes, with many successful product launches.


on cloudtech

In focus is their CloudTec® cushioning, which is a unique cushioning system. It absorbs shocks, reduces stress and adapts to your running style to create a comfortable running experience. They call it like running on clouds.

Helion™ Superfoam

On super foam

Helion™ superfoam is a fairly new innovation from On Running. Advanced production processes have made it possible to combine rigid, stable sections with more flexible foam elements along the same molecular chains.

They have found a way to link different elements into a fusion that provides benefits previously only possible with two separate materials, combining all the ingredients for the ultimate run in a single superfoam.


On Running was quite late in developing running shoes with a carbon fiber plate – one of the running world’s big talking points in recent years. However, in 2023, the brand has taken big steps forward and has launched several models with a built-in Speedboard®.

This is designed to give a specific feel, with the material, shape, thickness and curve of the Speedboard® changing to give different results based on different running needs.

The Best Running Shoes of the Year from On Running

Here are some of the most notable launches from On Running this year:

The World's Fastest-Growing Running Shoe Brand

In November, perhaps On Running’s best release of the year hit the market with the launch of the Cloudeclipse. Already earlier in the year, they had come out with Cloudboom Echo 3, which immediately became a big seller, and Cloudflow 4, which has been a big seller for the brand for a long time.

On cloudflow 4
On Cloudflow 4

The Cloudeclipse features the brand’s thickest midsole to date with a double layer of CloudTec Phase® cushioning. This innovative design ensures a sequential collapse when the foot lands, effectively absorbing shock. The result is a seamless transition from heel to toe, providing a remarkably smooth and soft experience with every step.

Underfoot, the Cloudeclipse features a Helion™ superfoam midsole, designed for supreme softness and impact protection. The ultra-thick midsole ensures your joints stay comfortable and your legs feel fresh, even during long runs.

The flexible Speedboard® provides increased stability and guidance, while the engineered mesh upper provides a breathable and snug fit, further enhancing the shoe’s performance.

CloudTec cushioning is the brand’s signature feature and during the year the material has also been developed to be both softer and more responsive to the runner.

*On Running quarterly report Q3 2023

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