Hoka Clifton 10 Release Date – What Can Be Expected From The New Shoe Model?

hoka clifton 10 release date

The running community is buzzing with anticipation for the release of the Hoka Clifton 10, the latest iteration of Hoka One One’s critically acclaimed Clifton line. Known for its perfect blend of lightweight design and exceptional cushioning, the Clifton series has become a staple for runners seeking both comfort and performance. Here is everything I know about the Hoka Clifton 10 release date and what can be expected from the new shoe model.

The HOKA Clifton is the brand’s most popular shoe model and has a loyal following worldwide. So, why is the HOKA Clifton such a popular choice? It’s the ultimate comfort machine, a smooth operator on the pavement, and a versatile companion for all your running endeavors.

Hoka Clifton 10 Release Date

Hoka Clifton 10 Release Date

Usually new models of HOKA Clifton have been launched in April or May. The exception was last year when the HOKA Clifton 9 was released in February 2023.

It is an Olympic year where, among other things, the Olympic trials in the United States take place in early February. This is a huge marketing event for shoe manufacturers and a perfect time to launch one of the brand’s most popular running shoes.

Hoka Clifton 9

That said, Hoka already had two major launches coming up with the Hoka Cielo X1 and Hoka Skyward X, and it is, therefore, unlikely that the Hoka Clifton 10 will be released at the beginning of this year. I expect the Hoka Clifton 10 to launch in September 2024, at the beginning of the fall running season.

We’ve also seen Hoka start releasing more and more X models of existing models. Last year the Hoka Mach X was launched and before that, the Hoka Bondi X was released. The X is Hoka’s version of running shoes with a carbon fiber plate in the midsole.

A wild card in the game would be if Hoka decided to release a Hoka Clifton X model, which would not be likely given all the new colorways they are releasing of the Clifton 9 right now.

Expected updates on Hoka Clifton 10

Hoka Clifton 10 Release Date

The Clifton 9 built on many of the features of the Clifton 8. It increased the stack height, reduced the weight, and kept the same soft cushioned ride that runners have come to know and love about the Clifton. Improvements to the upper such as a single medial side wedge, engineered knit textile with a sturdier heel, and refined ploy provide a comfortable, lightweight, and secure fit.

In terms of appearance, not much will change in the most popular of Hoka’s shoe models, but at the same time, the trend is towards softer and lighter running shoes. Therefore, we can expect some changes in the new Hoka Clifton 10.

Hoka Clifton 10 Release Date

The Hoka Clifton 10 is expected to feature several improvements over the previous model, the Clifton 9. Here are some of the key features that can be expected from the Clifton 10:

  • Enhanced cushioning: The Clifton 10 is expected to use a new foam compound that is more responsive and lightweight than the foam used in the Clifton 9. This should improve the cushioning without making the shoe feel heavy or bulky.
  • Reduced weight: HOKA has also been working to reduce the weight of the Clifton 10. This is likely to be achieved through the use of lighter materials and construction techniques.
  • Improved upper: The upper of the Clifton 10 is expected to be more breathable and comfortable than the previous model. This is likely to be achieved through the use of a new mesh material and a gusseted tongue.
  • Updated outsole: The outsole of the Clifton 10 is expected to have a new design that provides better traction and durability. This is likely to be achieved through the use of a more durable rubber compound and a revised lug pattern.

In addition to these key features, the Clifton 10 is also expected to have a few other improvements, such as a more streamlined heel counter and a new MetaRocker geometry. Overall, the Clifton 10 is expected to be a major update to the popular Clifton line of running shoes. It is expected to be lighter, more cushioned, and more comfortable than the previous model.

Here is a table summarizing the key features of the Clifton 10:

Expected Improvement
More responsive and lightweight
More breathable and comfortable
Updated for better traction and durability
Other improvements
More streamlined heel counter, new MetaRocker geometry

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