Best Running Shoes For Snow And Ice – Here Are The Models To Go For!

best running shoes for snow and ice

Usually, it’s quite difficult to choose the right one in the jungle of running shoes, but when it comes to the best running shoes for snow and ice, there is one brand above all others. Icebug has revolutionized the market with the models they have launched in recent years and is today a leader in the field.

I have already previously listed the best running shoes for winter and there were several of Icebug’s models on the list. There are several reasons why the brand has made its way to a top position in the field. While other brands focus primarily on catering to other types of purposes for their running shoes, Icebug has stayed true to its strengths, which is creating running shoes specifically designed for Nordic latitudes with plenty of ice and snow during the winter months.

One of the few models on the market that can challenge Icebug’s winter running shoes is Hoka’s model Speedgoat 5 GTX Spike – a model I can recommend to anyone who likes Hoka’s running shoes.

Best Running Shoes for Snow and Ice 2024

best running shoes for snow and ice 2024

This is why I have chosen to focus entirely on Icebug running shoes when selecting the best running shoes for snow and ice on the market. Further down, you can read more about why these shoes stand out from the competition.

Here are my favorite shoes from the brand right now:

1. Newrun BUGrip® GTX – Best for Asphalt and Gravel Roads

best running shoes for snow and ice

As a marathon runner, I’ve always been mainly dedicated to running on asphalt and flat surfaces even in winter. Newrun BUGrip GTX is Icebug’s first shoe designed specifically for those who prefer running on asphalt to forest trails. The model is equipped with both studs and waterproofing, which makes it ideal for running during both winter and fall on asphalt and gravel roads.

In other words, this is a model created for city and road runners who want to continue their training all year round, for example in preparation for a spring marathon.

Why should you have to adjust your training program or cancel running sessions due to changing weather conditions? This was something Icebug asked itself when designing the shoe. During the development of NewRun, comfort was also in focus.

It was therefore a matter of course to integrate a waterproof GORE-TEX® membrane in the upper part of the shoe and to include the BOA® Fit System lacing system for optimal adaptation to the foot and a secure fit throughout the run.

NewRun has a medium-width, generous toe box with a straight forward toe line, providing more space and therefore more warmth. The sole is designed to provide both stability and comfort on longer runs, with a well-cushioned and wide base.

Its outsole is equipped with 17 BUGrip® carbide steel studs, ensuring stability and safety while running on icy surfaces, as well as during a run in the park in the fall.

This is a running shoe where everything is well thought out and my absolute favorite among the best running shoes for snow and ice in 2024.

2. Arcus BUGrip GTX – Best Cushioning in Running Shoes for Snow and Ice

best cushioned running shoes for snow and ice

This is another model of winter running shoes from Icebug that shows their innovation in recent years. The Arcus BUGrip GTX follows the trends we’ve seen in running shoes in recent years with an oversized sole and light weight. Above all, this shoe stands out with its thick and well-cushioned sole and light weight.

I personally don’t think that much cushioning is needed on snow and ice after these in themselves offer some cushioning, but these shoes are undeniably comfortable on the feet.

The Arcus is designed to give runners comfort over longer distances while offering support for shorter runs as well. It combines three main characteristics: high comfort, effective cushioning and light weight, making it an ideal running shoe.

This model is inspired by and named after the arcus cloud, which reflects its feeling underfoot while running – like having a cloud under your feet. Its upper is equipped with a GORE-TEX® membrane, which ensures waterproofness and flexibility.

The Arcus is a great choice for those planning long runs, recovery training or running with a pack. The shoe’s midsole has a rocker design that reduces stress on the forefoot and heel, contributing to a more efficient running stride.

The injection molded midsole provides a responsive feel and durability, ensuring the shoe retains its comfort and running feel even after many miles. With 13 dynamic BUGrip® carbide steel studs on the outsole, the Arcus offers optimal grip on demanding surfaces.

If you like Hoka running shoes, this is a great option.

3. Pytho6 BUGrip – Best Winter Running Shoe for Terrain

Best Winter Running Shoe for Terrain

The Pytho6 BUGrip has the design that most of us first encountered when we started using Icebug running shoes. It is a classic that scores high with loyal users of the brand.

The goal for Icebug was to create a versatile running shoe that works great for distance running, with a focus on comfort and a pleasant running experience. This shoe is designed to be ideal both in forest terrain and on city roads, regardless of the season. It is also very popular for use in orienteering, for example – but mainly the one without studs.

It is popular with runners who train all year round and offers several appreciated features – a medium drop, stability, excellent water repellency, a spacious toe box and effective protection on uneven terrain.

The sixth version of the Pytho BUGrip is no exception. It is specially designed for long-distance running while maintaining an excellent running feel.

4. Rover BUGrip GTX – Best for Hiking on Ice and Snow

best shoes for walking in snow and on ice

This is another classic in the Icebug range. This is the model with the worst running characteristics and I myself would mainly wear them as hiking shoes, but they can also be used for running.

The Rover BUGrip GTX is designed to be a versatile shoe, for everything from walking to leisurely running. Its upper is made from bluesign®-approved polyester mesh, combining durability with softness, while the GORE-TEX® membrane ensures feet stay dry in wet conditions.

The BOA® Fit System lacing, in conjunction with the softly padded heel cup, provides a customized and comfortable fit. The midsole offers stability on uneven ground and its full cushioning provides a high level of comfort. The outsole consists of a rubber compound equipped with 19 dynamic BUGrip® carbide steel studs, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities regardless of the challenges of winter weather.

This waterproof and comfortable shoe makes it possible to move safely even on the most icy surfaces.

Why Icebug has the Best Running Shoes for Snow and Ice

best running shoes for ice

Icebug is a Swedish brand that redefines winter running with its innovative, grip-friendly shoes. Here’s why Icebug has the best running shoes for snow and ice:

  • Unparalleled grip: The star of the show is Icebug’s proprietary BUGrip outsole. Embedded with strategically placed tungsten carbide studs, these shoes bite into slippery surfaces like a wolf into fresh powder. Unlike clunky screw-in studs, Icebug’s studs are low profile, providing exceptional traction on ice and packed snow while being surprisingly comfortable on bare asphalt. No more tiptoeing or breakneck slips – run confidently knowing your feet are one with the winter terrain.
  • Breathable upper: While traction is important, comfort takes center stage when running in harsh winter conditions. Icebug shoes have features that make winter running a pleasure. Waterproof membranes keep your feet dry, the ventilated upper prevents sweaty socks and the insulation allows you to run even on the coldest days. In addition, the flexible yet supportive construction provides good support for uneven surfaces, ensuring a smooth and stable run.
  • Built for longevity: Durability is key when battling the winter elements. The Icebug shoes are made with quality materials and thoughtful design to withstand the wear and tear of snowy trails and icy roads. The tungsten carbide studs are incredibly durable and the outsoles are designed to retain those precious grip enhancers. These are running shoes that will last for seasons no matter how much you use them.
  • Versatile: Although Icebug excels in winter conditions, its versatility should not be overlooked. Several models such as the Python transition seamlessly to dry trails and even sidewalks, making them a year-round option for trail runners. So when spring arrives, there’s no need to relegate your Icebugs to the back of the closet – they’ll be ready for any terrain.
  • Embrace winter, not the treadmill: Winter doesn’t have to mean hibernation for runners. As I’ve written before, good studded shoes are the key to relaxed running on snowy and icy surfaces, and with Icebug’s studded shoes on your feet, you can run with confidence and comfort knowing that your feet are equipped to handle whatever winter throws at you. So ditch the treadmill and swap your fear of falling for the exhilarating freedom of a winter run.
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