Best Running Shoes For Winter 2024 – Here Are All My favorites!

Best running shoes for winter 2024

Winter is here in earnest and it’s time to prepare for more challenging road conditions for all running enthusiasts. But the fact that it’s almost winter is no excuse for those who want to go for a winter run. Nowadays, there are really good running shoes that are adapted for winter running. Here, I’ve selected the best running shoes for winter 2024.

When choosing running shoes for winter, there are a number of things to consider. Of these, grip and waterproofing are among the most important, but further down I have also summarized additional points that are good to consider when choosing running shoes for winter.

Best running shoes for winter 2024

Best running shoes for winter 2024

The good thing about the evolution of technology is that we now have better and better running shoes for winter running as well. The models that are now on the market are lighter and have better grip, but above all, many models are also made of functional materials that keep moisture away from your feet.

Here are the best running shoes for winter 2024:

1. Icebug NewRun BUGrip GTX – Best Shoes for Running on Ice 2024

Best running shoes for running on ice 2024

Icebug is a popular brand in Sweden for running shoes equipped with ice studs. Pytho is one of their best sellers over the years and has been used by many winter runners.

A more modern shoe model that offers both comfort and functionality for road running is the Icebug Newrun BUGrip. This shoe combines lightweight with the necessary features to cope with winter running.

It has 17 BUGrip® studs on the underside that are made of carbide steel, ensuring excellent grip on slippery surfaces. Even if you occasionally run on asphalt, these studs are very durable.

The NewRun BUGrip comes with a water-resistant GORE-TEX® membrane and a BOA® Fit lacing system for an optimal fit. I particularly appreciate the shoe’s soft shock absorption and the wide sole that offers stability in snowy conditions.

The generous space in the toe box makes it suitable for those with wide feet. I recommend these running shoes both for beginners and more experienced runners for their excellent grip and comfort.

At the same time, these are also the best Icebug running shoes for winter conditions in my opinion.

2. Hoka Speedgoat 5 GORE-TEX Spike – Best Cushioning

best Hokas to run on ice 2024

HOKA One One Speedgoat is an off-road shoe that has become a favorite among off-road shoes for many because of its excellent cushioning and durability. Speedgoat 5 GTX Ice is the winter version of this shoe and as the name indicates, it is designed to handle even slippery surfaces like ice.

This is made possible by the Carbide ice studs found on the outsole. This sole also features the Vibram Megagrip material, a rubber known for its excellent grip. You may be wondering about the GTX designation, which is found on many off-road and winter shoes. It represents GoreTex, which ensures your feet stay dry while running.

These shoes are an excellent choice, especially for those who are prone to injury and need extra cushioning. Like the Icebug NewRun BUGrip, these shoes also have a wide sole base for added stability in winter weather.

Among the best Hoka running shoes for winter, this is a shoe model to bet on.

3. Asics Gel-Fujisetsu 3 G-TX – Best Off-Road Shoe for Winter

best Asics running shoes to run on ice

Asics are recognized for their reliable shoes, especially for their excellent pronation support. One of their popular shoe models for winter conditions is the Gel-FujiSetsu.

This shoe is designed to handle snowy and slippery surfaces with 14 ice studs on the sole. They have retained the qualities that made their shoes popular, including the use of Flytefoam in the midsole – a lightweight and responsive material that provides a comfortable running experience.

This model also features GoreTex material on the upper, which keeps your feet dry when running on wet surfaces. The shoe offers good stability for all types of surfaces, and is suitable for both road and off-road running.

If you have previously used Asics running shoes, this is a great choice for winter use.

4. Arcus BUGrip GTX – Icebug Running Shoes with the Best Cushioning.

best cushioned running shoes for running on ice

A shoe model that has many similarities with running shoes from Hoka One One is the Arcus from Icebug. This is their most cushioned shoe model for winter conditions and a shoe that offers high comfort, low weight and great grip.

The shoes are named after the arcus cloud and are made to feel like a cloud under your feet. Like the first NewRun, the Arcus is a good choice for long runs and transportation to and from work.

Because of the high sole, the shoes may not be optimal for off-road running, but they work well there too. The shoes have a rocker in the midsole that relieves the forefoot and heel. This also contributes to a good drive in the stride.

You’ll also find 13 BUGrip® studs on the carbide steel outsole – just like all Icebug running shoes for winter conditions. Saucony Peregrine ICE+ 3 – Best All-Around Shoe

best saucony winter running shoes

Are shoes with ice studs a must for winter running shoes? In my opinion, it is preferable because it is the only way to fully rely on the grip provided by the shoes.

However, there are some shoes without ice studs that still have perfectly good grip. One of these is the Saucony Peregrine ICE+ 3 which lacks studs, but still provides stable grip on both icy and snowy surfaces.

This shoe also has a unique construction system that maximizes comfort. Furthermore, the shoe is equipped with a water-resistant technology and additional reinforcement at the toes for increased durability.

Although ideal for winter running, I would still avoid running on extremely slippery surfaces with them. It’s a good all-round shoe for those winter runs, but perhaps mainly if you plan to run on snow rather than ice. Above all, these shoes stand out for their durability and comfort – just like many other models of running shoes from Saucony.

6. Icebug Pytho6 BUGrip – Best for Wide Feet

best winter trail shoes

This is a true classic from Icebug that has been around for many years. Icebug BUGrip is a good all-round shoe with a good running feeling both in terrain and on the road.

It has a stiff sole, excellent water repellent properties and a spacious toe box for wide feet. This is a safe choice that I recommend especially for those with wide feet.

One of few disadvantages is that the cushioning is not the best. But since snow provides good cushioning in itself, this is rarely a problem. The most important thing is that the shoe offers stability in running and that is something this shoe really does.

7. Merrell Agility Peak 5 – Best Running Feel for Winter Terrain

best Merrell winter running shoes

Many people choose regular off-road shoes when they run during the winter time. The reason for this is usually that the shoes already have good grip thanks to their rubber studs and waterproof Goretex upper.

They work well on snowy and wet surfaces, but can still be unsafe on icy surfaces. A popular choice for off-road running is Merrell’s Agility Peak model, the latest edition of which has reduced weight and improved shock absorption.

With a Vibram® MegaGrip® sole, it provides impressive grip and stability. Another benefit of this edition is the flexible upper that fits most foot shapes. It also offers support for those with pronation or supination.

8. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 Shield – Best Everyday Shoe for Winter

best nike winter running shoes

One of the most popular running shoes internationally is the Pegasus from Nike. It is a versatile running shoe that offers great value for money. The latest version, called the SHIELD 39, has a waterproof surface that helps keep your feet dry when running on wet surfaces, making it suitable for winter use as well.

Unlike its predecessors, this model has been reinforced with extra shock absorption in the midsole. This is particularly beneficial for those who, like me, have problems like Morton’s Neuroma.

Its bottom has a special pattern that provides excellent grip on both snowy and wet surfaces. While the SHIELD 39 may not be the top choice for icy terrain, it works great as a versatile winter shoe.

It is very affordable and durable while keeping your feet dry and comfortable in all weather conditions. A big plus also for the stylish design that allows it to be used as an everyday shoe as well.

9. Icebug Rover BUGrip – Best Hiking Shoes for the Winter

best shoes for walking on ice 2024

Another shoe model from Icebug that is great for winter running is the Rover BUGrip® GTX. Like the Pytho, this is a very popular winter shoe because of its versatility. However, this is more of a hiking shoe, even though it is also designed for running.

It is mainly in its affordability that this shoe stands out. It is very durable and comfortable. It has an upper made of a soft material that is bluesign® certified. It also has a GORE-TEX® membrane to keep your feet dry.

The BOA® Fit lacing system together with a padded heel cup also provides a really comfortable fit. So what are the differences between the Rover, Pytho and Newrun BUgrip from Icebug? The midsole on both Pytho and Rover is more torsionally rigid than on NewRun, which is something that relieves the foot on uneven surfaces.

In other words, this model is also more suitable for off-road running than the model I placed first on my list.

On this model you will also find 19 BUGrip® carbide steel studs on the outsole. This is one of the things that made Icebug running shoes so incredibly popular for running in winter conditions.

If you are looking for the best hiking shoes for winter, the Icebug Rover is an obvious choice.

Things to Consider when Choosing Running Shoes for Winter Conditions

Things to Consider when Choosing Running Shoes for Winter Conditions

Choosing the right running shoes for winter is essential to ensure safety, comfort and optimal performance in cold, wet and slippery conditions. Here are some factors to consider when choosing winter running shoes:

Traction and grip

Look for shoes with outsoles designed for traction on wet, icy or snowy surfaces. Some winter shoes have ice studs or special patterns to improve grip.

I would definitely go for models with ice studs as they provide a reliable grip even on ice and allow you to run more relaxed even on slippery surfaces.


Choose shoes with waterproof or water-repellent uppers, such as those made from GORE-TEX or other waterproof materials. This will keep your feet dry in snowy or rainy conditions.


For extremely cold conditions, you can choose shoes with extra insulation to keep your feet warm. However, make sure they are breathable to prevent excessive sweating.

It’s important to make sure your shoes are breathable. Fortunately, most manufacturers have increasingly made this a priority and most models are now breathable.

Ankle support

Higher heeled shoes can provide extra ankle support and prevent snow or water from entering the shoe. This is especially important if you run off-road or on uneven surfaces.

Protection for the toes

Some winter running shoes have reinforced toe caps that protect your toes from the cold and any impact with hard snow or ice. This also makes the shoes last longer than ‘normal’ running shoes for other parts of the year.

Reflective elements

Winter days can be short and dark. Shoes with reflective elements increase visibility during early morning or evening runs.


Cold weather can make some materials stiff. Make sure the shoe remains flexible even in colder temperatures for comfort and natural foot movement. Fortunately, this is something that is mostly taken into account by manufacturers of running shoes for winter conditions.


Always try on your shoes with the socks you plan to wear during your winter run. This ensures a good fit as winter socks are often thicker.


While insulation and waterproofing are important, as I mentioned above, breathability is just as important. A shoe that releases moisture will prevent dampness and the cold feeling it can cause.


Winter conditions can be tough on shoes. Look for shoes made from durable materials that can withstand the challenges of winter running.


As with any other running shoe, adequate cushioning is essential for comfort and injury prevention. However, the ground itself is often cushioning during the winter months, so I don’t usually put the same emphasis on cushioning when choosing a winter running shoe.


If your shoes get wet, those that dry quickly will be ready for your next run sooner. If you choose running shoes with Gore-Tex on the upper, you get these quick-drying properties.

Closure system

Think about how the shoe closes. Traditional laces, quick laces or even Velcro can make a difference, especially when wearing gloves.


While it is important to invest in a good pair of running shoes for winter, there are options in many different price ranges. Determine your budget and find the best shoe within that range.

Where to find the Best Running Shoes for Winter 2024?

Where to find the Best Running Shoes for Winter 2024?

There are several things that are different when looking for the best running shoes for the rest of the year compared to winter running. Big players like Nike and Adidas don’t really focus on running shoes for our Nordic climate and therefore don’t have any real alternatives with studded running shoes.

Therefore, it is a good idea to look at sites such as Icebug when looking for the best running shoes for winter 2024. Swedish Icebug is also a site that has a very good reputation when it comes to producing running shoes specially designed for winter weather.


In this article I have identified the best running shoes for winter 2024. I have selected my favorites based on a variety of factors such as grip, affordability and other factors that should be considered when buying running shoes.

There are a variety of factors to consider when buying winter running shoes and I have listed all of these factors in this article.

I hope that this guide has helped you find the best running shoes for winter2024 for your needs!

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Frequently asked questions – Best Running Shoes for Winter

Why do I need specific running shoes for winter?

Winter running shoes are usually designed to provide better traction on icy and snowy surfaces. They can also offer better insulation to keep your feet warm in cold conditions.

What should I look for when buying winter running shoes?

When choosing winter running shoes, you should look for shoes with a waterproof material, good insulation, and a sole that provides good grip on slippery surfaces.

Can I use my regular running shoes during winter?

It is possible to use regular running shoes during winter, but it is not recommended, especially on icy or snowy roads, as they may not provide enough grip or warmth.

How do I take care of my winter running shoes?

After each use, clean them from dirt and snow. Let them dry naturally in a well-ventilated area. Avoid placing them near a heat source as this can damage the material.

How long does a pair of winter running shoes last?

The lifespan of winter running shoes varies depending on how often they are used and on what surfaces. It is often said that on average they last between 500 to 600 miles. However, in my experience, the best models can last up to 1000 miles.

What is the difference between trail running shoes and winter running shoes?

While both trail and winter running shoes are designed to provide better grip on uneven surfaces, winter running shoes are specifically designed to handle cold and wet conditions with better insulation and waterproof materials.

Can I use winter running shoes all year round?

You can use winter running shoes all year round, but they may be too hot and heavy for summer use.

Do I need special socks when using winter running shoes?

It is recommended to use thicker, moisture-wicking socks during the winter to keep your feet dry and warm.

What are the best running shoes for winter 2024?

It depends a lot on your needs and the type of running you do. If you plan to run mainly off-road or on asphalt, you probably have completely different priorities. The type of foot also affects the choice. In my list, I have selected my favorites for the best running shoes 2024 based on a variety of factors.

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