Which Brands Make the Best Running Shoes? Here Are All the Best in 2024

Best Running Shoe Brands 2024

With new running shoes coming onto the market at a rapid pace, it can be difficult to choose from the range on offer. It is indeed a fascinating world where all players in the market are competing to implement new innovative features in their running shoes. Here are the best running shoe brands in 2024.

10 Best Running Shoe Brands 2024

Most of us running fans have our favourite brands, and it can be difficult to objectively answer which brands make the best running shoes. This also depends on what type of runner you are and how you are built.

However, there are some brands that are known for their innovation and are at the forefront of new running shoes every year. Here are my favourites:

1. Saucony

Best Running Shoe Brands 2024

Saucony is a long-standing brand and one of the fastest-growing running shoe brands. The brand has developed many interesting models of running shoes in recent years, including the Endorphin series, with fast carbon fibre shoes, and also models such as Triumph and Kinvara, which are popular for their cushioning and comfort. The latest additions to the market are the Saucony Triumph 21 and Kinvara Pro – two popular shoe models internationally.

With innovations like EVERUN cushioning and ISOFIT uppers, they offer responsive and customised shoes. Saucony shoes often have an excellent balance between cushioning, stability and responsiveness. They actively support the running community and have a strong emphasis on ethical sourcing and sustainability.

In my opinion, Saucony is one of the best running shoe brands in 2024, alongside Nike and Hoka One One, especially in terms of innovation and features.

2. Nike

Best Running Shoe Brands 2024

Nike is one of the most recognisable brands in the world when it comes to sports shoes, and that includes running shoes. Their running shoes often incorporate innovative technologies such as Zoom Air and React cushioning.

Nike offers a wide range of options for everyone, from casual runners to professional athletes. Their Flyknit upper technology provides breathability and a snug fit. Nike has collaborated with various top athletes to design signature models. Sustainability has also become a focus with the introduction of models that use recycled materials.

The latest running shoe model presented by Nike was the Infinity RN4 – a testament to the brand’s innovation. Soon we can also look forward to the release of the new Alphafly 3.

3. Adidas

Best Running Shoe Brands 2024

Adidas is known for mixing style with performance, and several collaborative collections have been launched in recent years. Their Boost cushioning technology is known to provide excellent energy return, while the Primeknit upper ensures comfort and fit.

Adidas often works with biomechanists and athletes to develop running shoes that support natural foot movement. Adidas offers a wide range of shoes to suit different terrains and preferences, from road to trail running. They also have a range of sustainable products as part of their environmental commitment.

One of the brand’s most exciting launches in recent years is the Adios Pro series and Prime X, but the newly launched SWITCH FWD is really interesting. The latter model will soon have its successor when it launches in September.

The most popular of all running shoes from Adidas is the Ultraboost, with the new Ultraboost Light hitting the market earlier this year.


Which Brands Make the Best Running Shoes?

ASICS is a very popular brand of running shoes all over the world. They focus a lot on providing stability, support and comfort in their running shoes. With their GEL cushioning system, they have built a strong reputation among long-distance runners.

The brand’s extensive research in their Institute of Sport Science leads to shoes that cater to different foot types and running styles. From the Nimbus series to the Kayano series, ASICS running shoes are praised for their durability and functionality.

Among the best new releases from ASICS, this year are the new ASICS Gel-Nimbus 25, which is the best cushioning running shoe, and the ASICS Gel-Kayano 30, which is one of the most popular of all pronation running shoes.

5. Brooks

Which Brands Make the Best Running Shoes

Did you know that Brooks is the most popular running shoe brand in the US? Of all the brand’s shoe models, the Ghost series is the most popular.

Brooks is a brand that is completely focused on running. Their DNA Loft and BioMoGo DNA technologies offer customisable cushioning for individual steps and weights. Brooks offers shoes that cater to different running needs, including stability, neutral and trail, and emphasises a runner-first approach.

They are also committed to sustainability initiatives and use eco-friendly materials in their shoe production.

6. New Balance

Which Brands Make the Best Running Shoes

New Balance offers a wide range of running shoes for all types of runners, from beginners to professionals. Their Fresh Foam technology provides excellent cushioning, and they often design shoes for specific needs, such as stability or minimalism.

Known for its quality craftsmanship, New Balance also offers extensive width options to suit different foot shapes. Their Made in the USA range emphasises local manufacturing and quality.

Perhaps the most interesting launch of the year is the Fresh Foam More V4, which now has more foam in the midsole than ever before.

7. Hoka One One

best running shoe brands

Running shoes from Hoka One One have a large and loyal user base, and they have many popular shoe models in their range. These include the Bondi, Clifton and Mach series.

Two of the most interesting launches from the brand in 2023 were the new Hoka Mach X and Hoka Clifton 9. But also, the fast Hoka Rocket X 2 got a lot of attention when it was launched last year.

The Hoka One One has become popular for its maximalist approach to shock absorption. Their oversized midsoles provide incredible shock absorption, making them a favourite among long-distance runners. Despite the great cushioning, Hoka shoes are surprisingly lightweight. They offer various models for road and trail running, each designed with a specific purpose and runner in mind.

8. On Running

top running shoe brands 2024

On Running is a Swiss-based company that has quickly gained attention in the sports shoe industry. Founded in 2010 by Olivier Bernhard, David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti, the company focuses on developing running shoes that provide an innovative ‘cloud’ feel. Utilising CloudTec technology, the On Running shoes feature a series of hollow capsules on the outsole that gives the runner a cushioned landing and a firmer take-off.

The unique design aims to provide a more natural running experience, minimising the impact on the joints and enabling more efficient energy return.

The sleek and modern design, combined with state-of-the-art technology, has allowed On Running to carve a niche in a competitive market. With a wide range of models and colours, they have become a household name for anyone looking for innovative, high-quality running shoes.

One of the most interesting launches from On Running is the Cloudboom Echo 3, which hit the market just over a month ago.

9. Puma

top running shoe brands in 2024

Another brand to keep an eye on is Puma, which is showing strong growth worldwide right now with many interesting models. Puma is a globally recognised brand known for its innovative approach to sportswear, and their running shoes are no exception.

Among some of the most interesting novelties in recent years is the FAST-R NITRO ELITE series, while the Deviate Nitro is the most popular among mass-market shoes.

Puma’s running shoes are often praised for their combination of functionality, comfort and style, appealing to both professional athletes and everyday fitness enthusiasts. The company invests in advanced technologies and cutting-edge designs, such as cushioning systems, breathability and lightweight materials, to create shoes that optimise performance on the track or trail.

Puma partners with elite athletes and invests in research to constantly push the boundaries and deliver products that combine aesthetics and performance. The company also focuses on sustainability, producing eco-friendly products to suit the conscious consumer.

10. Mizuno

top running shoe brands in the world 2024

Mizuno’s Wave technology, which provides cushioning and stability, sets them apart in the running shoe market. Their running shoes are praised for their durability and reliability and are suitable for different types of runners.

Mizuno takes a scientific approach to design and often uses sports science to optimise performance. They also focus on sustainability with initiatives like their eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

The recently launched Mizuno Wave Rider 27 is very popular in the US market, among others. I would still recommend that you check out their faster models in the Rebellion series if you are looking for interesting running shoes from the brand.

These were my favourites for best running shoe brands in 2024. Under Armour is another brand that is growing rapidly in the US market, and we are seeing more and more running shoe models from the brand.

Characterizing a Good Running Shoe Brand

A good running shoe brand should offer a wide range of shoes to accommodate different running styles, preferences, and needs. They should also be known for using high-quality materials and construction techniques. Additionally, a good running shoe brand should have a history of producing innovative and well-performing shoes.

Here are some additional qualities that characterize a good running shoe brand:

  • Expertise: A good running shoe brand should have a deep understanding of running biomechanics and the needs of runners.
  • Technology: A good running shoe brand should invest in research and development to create new and innovative shoe technologies.
  • Testing: A good running shoe brand should rigorously test its shoes to ensure they are safe and effective.
  • Feedback: A good running shoe brand should listen to feedback from runners to improve their products.
  • Customer Service: A good running shoe brand should provide excellent customer service to support runners.

By considering these characteristics, you can identify and choose running shoes from brands that are committed to providing high-quality, innovative products that meet the needs of runners of all levels and preferences.

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