Hoka Skyward X Release Date – Here Are All The Features on The New Shoe Model From Hoka

Hoka Skyward X Release Date

March 2024 marks the expected launch of the Hoka Skyward X, a running shoe designed to deliver unparalleled efficiency and extended mileage for dedicated runners. This release is highly anticipated by core runners aiming to enhance their performance through advanced footwear technology. Here is all we know about the Hoka Skyward X Release Date and the features on the new shoe model.

Hoka Skyward X Release Date and Price

Hoka Skyward X Release Date and Price

Hoka Skyward X is set to be released in March 2024 and it’s not just a new entry in the market; it’s a promise of innovation and performance for runners who demand the best from their gear.

With its plush cushioning, responsive midsole, and advanced technology, the Skyward X is poised to become a favorite for runners seeking to elevate their running experience.

Priced at $225, the Hoka Skyward X is positioned as a premium product, reflecting its advanced features and the value it provides to the serious runner.

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Designed for the Dedicated Runner

the new Hoka Skyward X features

The Hoka Skyward X caters to the ‘core runner’—an individual committed to maximizing efficiency and endurance. These runners seek a shoe that can keep up with their rigorous training while providing comfort and support.

Hoka Skyward X Features

Hoka Skyward X Features

The shoe boasts a flat knit upper with zonal engineering, which ensures a snug, sock-like fit that adapts to the shape of the foot, offering both support and flexibility.

Advanced Foot Frame

A deep active foot frame cradles the heel, providing a secure ride and stability, which is crucial during long runs or when navigating uneven terrain.

Responsive Midsole

The PEBA midsole foam is designed for plush cushioning that doesn’t sacrifice responsiveness, ensuring that every step is energized for optimal performance.

Revolutionary Carbon Fiber Plate

A unique feature of the Skyward X is its carbon fiber plate, which bows in the middle, creating an amazingly suspended feeling that adds to the shoe’s overall responsiveness and comfort.

Smooth Ride Technology

The supercritical EVA rocker frame is engineered to support Hoka’s signature MetaRocker technology, which guarantees a consistently smooth and easy ride, enhancing the natural gait cycle.


The Hoka Skyward X is classified for max cushioned everyday runs, providing a plush and balanced ride suitable for a wide range of running activities.

Weight and Stack Height

The shoe’s weight is optimized for both men and women, with a weight of 9.2 oz for women’s size 8 and 11.3 oz for men’s size 10. The stack height is a considerable 46mm/41mm for women and 48mm/43mm for men, indicating significant cushioning.

Materials and Sustainability

The Skyward X integrates a knit upper with a midsole composed of PEBA and supercritical EVA, along with a carbon fiber plate. The shoe is also marked as vegan, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

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