Nike Pegasus 41 Release Date – Here Are All The Updates on the New Shoe Model

Nike Pegasus 41 release date

Nike Pegasus 41 is the newest addition to Nike’s revered Pegasus series, which promises runners an unprecedented boost in energy return. At the heart of this innovation is the introduction of a full-length ReactX foam midsole, paired meticulously with forefoot and heel Air Zoom units. This combination not only enhances the shoe’s responsiveness but also significantly reduces its environmental footprint. Here is everything we know about the Nike Pegasus 41 release date and what is new on the shoe model.

Based on my analysis of the most popular running shoe models in the US, two stand out. The Nike Pegasus and Brooks Ghost have the highest number of shoe models. This is a position that Nike Pegasus has held for many years now. Further down, I’ll tell you more about why the shoe model has become so popular in running circles.

Nike Pegasus 41 Release Date

Nike Pegasus 41 release date

June 2024 will see the release of the Nike Pegasus 41, available through and selected retailers. This launch is part of the broader 2024 Pegasus family, which caters to a diverse range of needs, abilities, and terrains.

This family includes the Pegasus EasyOn, designed for effortless wear; the Pegasus Trail 5 and Trail Gore-Tex® for off-road adventures; and the Winter Gore-Tex® for cold-weather runs.

ReactX Foam: A Game-Changer for Energy Return

The Pegasus 41 is the first in its series to feature the cutting-edge ReactX foam, which outperforms its predecessor, React foam, by offering over 13% more energy return. Moreover, ReactX foam marks a significant stride towards sustainability, slashing the carbon emissions associated with producing a pair of midsoles by at least 43%.

This achievement underscores Nike’s commitment to innovation that benefits both athletes and the planet.

Decades of Dependability, Elevated

For over 40 years, the Nike Pegasus has stood as a beacon of reliability for runners around the globe. The Pegasus 41 continues this legacy, enhancing the line’s hallmark soft and responsive ride with new technological advancements. The shoe’s innovative combination of Nike Air Zoom units and ReactX foam brings a new level of responsiveness and energy return, while also pushing the envelope in environmental responsibility.

Designed for Comfort and Performance

Nike has also refined the shoe’s design based on feedback from everyday runners. The Pegasus 41 features an engineered mesh upper that is lighter, more breathable, and more comfortable than its predecessors. Additionally, the shoe’s Dynamic Midfoot Fit system provides unparalleled support by integrating the lacing with an internal band that encircles the foot.

A Suite of Choices for Every Runner

Unique within the Pegasus line is its array of silhouettes tailored to specific running needs and conditions. From the EasyOn model, which offers accessibility for athletes of all abilities, to specialized designs for trail and winter running, the Pegasus family ensures that every runner finds their perfect fit.

The Pegasus 41 not only upholds the legacy of its predecessors but also introduces significant advancements in both performance and sustainability.

If you are looking for a versatile and comfortable neutral running shoe, the Nike Pegasus 41 is definitely worth checking out. It is expected to be a popular choice for runners of all levels, from beginners to experienced runners.

The Nike Pegasus Shoe Model

the new Nike Pegasus 40 running shoes

The Nike Pegasus is a highly regarded model in the world of running shoes, known for its balance of comfort, performance, and versatility. But why has it become so popular around the world? What are the characteristics of the shoe and the reasons for its popularity?

Characteristics of the Nike Pegasus

  1. Cushioning and Comfort: The Nike Pegasus 40, for example, features a 33 mm heel stack height and a 23 mm forefoot height, offering comfortable cushioning that effectively absorbs shock. This model uses Nike React foam along with two Zoom Air units, one at the rear and one at the front, providing a firm yet comfortable underfoot feel​​.
  2. Versatile Design: The Pegasus series is known for its neutral design and moderate cushioning, making it an all-purpose shoe suitable for various running needs. This versatility is a key factor in its sustained popularity among runners of different levels​​.
  3. Long-Standing Series: The Pegasus is one of the longest-standing running shoe franchises in Nike’s lineup, appealing to a wide range of runners from beginners to advanced athletes. It’s a mid-priced neutral trainer, competing with other popular models like the Brooks Ghost or the Saucony​​.
  4. Regular Updates and Upgrades: Over its lifespan, the Pegasus model has received significant upgrades at various points (1996, 2000, 2004, and 2014) along with numerous smaller updates with each new edition, ensuring that it stays current with the latest technology and trends in running footwear​​.

Reasons for Popularity and Best-Seller Status

  1. Consistency and Reliability: The Nike Pegasus has been a part of Nike’s catalogue for decades, making it a reliable and consistent choice for runners. Its ability to adapt and improve over the years while retaining its core qualities has helped maintain its popularity​​.
  2. Appeal to a Wide Audience: The Pegasus is designed to cater to runners at all levels, from beginners to experienced athletes, which broadens its appeal. Its balanced features make it a suitable choice for a wide range of running activities and styles​​.
  3. Brand Reputation and Heritage: Being part of Nike’s lineup since its launch in 1983, the Pegasus has built a strong reputation and heritage. It was introduced in response to the jogging boom and has since become an iconic model within the running community​​.

However, versatility is, in my opinion, one of the biggest reasons why the Nike Pegasus shoe model is so popular. You can use it both as a multi-purpose running shoe and it also has a design that is suitable for both gym training and as an everyday shoe with regular clothes.

It is also good to use as a shoe for those who stand all day at work.

Another reason why the Nike Pegasus is so popular is its excellent price/quality ratio. It has good durability and a relatively affordable price-to-quality ratio.

FAQs – Nike Pegasus 41 Release Date

When will the Nike Pegasus 41 be released?

The Nike Pegasus 41 will be released in June 2024.

How much will the Nike Pegasus 41 cost?

The Nike Pegasus 41 is expected to cost around $160 USD.

Where can I buy the Nike Pegasus 41?

The Nike Pegasus 41 will be available for purchase from, select retail stores, and online retailers.

Can I pre-order the Nike Pegasus 41?

Pre-orders for the Nike Pegasus 41 are not yet available.

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