Elevating Speed: Here is the new Altra Vanish Carbon 2

the new Altra Vanish Carbon 2 running shoe

Engineered for speed and performance, the Altra Vanish Carbon 2 is equipped with a full-length carbon fiber plate that’s meticulously designed to enhance your stride’s natural asymmetry by 14%. This innovation propels runners forward, making it easier than ever to achieve those elusive negative splits and shatter personal records on race day. Here is everything you need to know about the new Altra Vanish Carbon 2 running shoe.

Altra is a brand that is mainly known for its running shoes with a wide toe box and low drop. Especially in trail running, they are very strong with models like Lone Peak and Timp, but in recent years they have also launched many interesting models for road running. One of these models is the Altra Vanish Carbon which now has its second version.

Altra Vanish Carbon 2 – Featherlight and Ready to Fly

the new Altra Vanish Carbon 2 running shoe

Diving deeper into its features, the Altra Vanish Carbon 2 introduces an elevated stack height, moving from 33mm to a plush 36mm. This adjustment is not just for show; it incorporates the Altra EGO PRO™ midsole foam, which is astonishingly 32% lighter than its predecessors.

This foam is not only lighter but also more pliable, offering an unparalleled blend of cushioning and responsiveness underfoot. The shoe’s overall design is a testament to Altra’s commitment to providing a race-day shoe that doesn’t compromise on comfort or speed.

Flexibility Meets Function

the new Altra Vanish Carbon 2 running shoe

The Altra Vanish Carbon 2 doesn’t stop there; it offers a 75% improvement in flexibility thanks to additional flex grooves in the outsole. This design enhancement ensures that each stride is more natural and efficient, allowing runners to maintain speed without sacrificing the natural movement of their feet.

the new Altra Vanish Carbon 2 running shoe

Coupled with Altra’s signature FootShape fit, which offers a spacious toe box and a snug midfoot, the Vanish Carbon 2 ensures your foot can move as it was intended, all while maintaining a zero drop for a more natural running posture.

Specs at a Glance

  • Weight: 8.1 oz / 229 g – A testament to its lightweight design.
  • Stability: Neutral – Offering balance and support without unnecessary bulk.
  • Stack Height: 36mm – For that perfect blend of cushioning and responsiveness.
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 0mm – Keeping your stance natural and balanced.

Why Choose the Altra Vanish Carbon 2?

Why Choose the Altra Vanish Carbon 2?

The Altra Vanish Carbon 2 is the brand’s super shoe and a perfect race day shoe. It stands out for its blend of lightweight construction, responsive midsole foam, and natural stride enhancement.

Whether you’re gearing up for a tough speed workout or aiming to obliterate your PR on race day, the Vanish Carbon 2 is equipped to take you to the finish line faster and more comfortably. Its updated features, such as the increased stack height and improved flexibility, ensure that every run is a step towards your best performance.

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