Altra Unveils Groundbreaking Low-Drop Footwear: The AltraFWD Experience

Altra Unveils Groundbreaking Low-Drop Footwear: The AltraFWD Experience

Altra, renowned for its trailblazing role in enhancing running performance, presents its latest innovation – the AltraFWD Experience. This trailblazing low-drop road shoe is a testament to Altra’s longstanding commitment to providing runners with optimal comfort through anatomically aligned foot positioning, whether on the trail or the pavement.

The introduction of the AltraFWD Experience marks a significant milestone in Altra’s journey, broadening its range and redefining the essence of running for its enthusiasts.

Engineered for Natural Stride and Effortless Performance

The AltraFWD Experience running shoe

The AltraFWD Experience is meticulously designed to enhance performance. It features a light construction, a roomy toe box, and the Standard Footshape Fit, allowing runners to go the extra mile with ease.

The shoe’s 4mm drop encourages a natural, efficient stride with its rocker geometry aiding in a swift toe-off. Men’s and women’s models offer neutral stack heights tailored for comfortable performance.

Brian Beckstead, the co-founder of Altra, states,

“The debut of the AltraFWD Experience is a pivotal moment for us, signifying growth and the natural evolution of our product lines. Our focus has always been on meeting the needs of runners, crafting footwear that complements the body’s natural movement. While our zero-drop shoes remain a favorite among Altra purists, we’re elated to broaden our offerings with the low-drop AltraFWD Experience, welcoming even more runners into the Altra family, including those not yet ready for zero-drop.”

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ALTRAFWD Experience running shoe

Gathered insights from consumers and rigorous testing by Altra Elite athletes have shaped the AltraFWD Experience to cater to runners who prioritize both function and fashion. Altra’s athletes have particularly noted the shoe’s seamless blend of comfort and propulsion, enhancing the joy of the running journey.

Altra Elite Athlete Cal Neff shares:

“Incorporating a 4mm drop shoe like the AltraFWD Experience into one’s routine can nicely complement zero-drop footwear, promoting an efficient and proactive running stance, even when endurance wanes.”

ALTRAFWD Experience new Altra Running shoe

The AltraFWD Experience is not just a shoe, but a forerunner in a new category, offering unmatched performance, comfort, and style. It’s Altra’s answer to runners seeking a naturally fitting shoe that doesn’t compromise on a smooth ride.

ALTRAFWD Experience new Altra Running shoe

The Altar AltraFWD Experience is now available on and selected retailers, priced at $140. Offered in four color options for both men and women, the shoe weighs 8.5 oz for men and 7.1 oz for women.

About Altra

Originating from a modest running specialty store in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, Altra’s foundation is built on creating innovative footwear that encourages natural running mechanics. Altra’s signature includes the Footshape™ toebox for toe splay and stability, and the Balanced Cushioning™ platform for even ground placement and reduced impact. Altra’s mission is to unlock human potential by inspiring the world to engage in natural movement.

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