Salomon Unveils INDEX.03: A Leap Forward in Recyclable Running Footwear

the new Salomon INDEX.03 running shoe

Salomon has announced the launch of the INDEX.03, marking a significant advancement in the design and sustainability of recyclable running shoes. This latest iteration, hitting stores in spring, is heralded for its superior comfort, performance, and design, all wrapped up in a more wallet-friendly package. The Salomon INDEX.03 stands out as the only fully recyclable shoe on the market, available for €150 at and selected retailers.

Technical Innovations and Environmental Benefits

The transition from INDEX.02 to INDEX.03 sees notable improvements, including a lighter midsole, the use of 100% recycled polyester in the tongue, and a more material-efficient upper construction, reducing waste from 40% to 26%.

This eco-conscious shoe is designed for easy disassembly, allowing the TPU lower section and polyester upper to be recycled into new products, such as ski boots and fabrics.

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Streamlined Recycling Process

the new Salomon INDEX.03 running shoe

Salomon simplifies the recycling process for wearers of the INDEX.03. By scanning a QR code on the shoe’s tongue, consumers can register their shoes, obtain a shipping label, and send their worn-out pairs back to Salomon without any cost, ensuring a seamless transition into the recycling phase.

Lighter, More Comfortable, and Accessibly Priced

Improvements in the shoe’s foam technology have resulted in a reduction in weight to just 249 grams, enhancing flexibility and comfort. The redesign of the upper part, now consisting of five un-dyed sections, not only increases cutting efficiency during recycling but also reduces material waste significantly.

These design changes have led to a reduction in the shoe’s retail price, making sustainable running shoes more accessible to a wider audience.

Consumer Feedback Drives Innovation

the new Salomon INDEX.03 running shoe

Feedback from users over the past four years has been instrumental in the development of the INDEX.03. Adjustments in foam composition and upper construction have yielded a shoe that is more comfortable, eco-friendly, and affordable.

Salomon’s commitment to reducing material consumption and waste, without compromising on aesthetic appeal, underscores the brand’s dedication to sustainability and performance.

Recycling Made Easy

To facilitate the recycling of the INDEX.03, Salomon has established collection centers across Europe, North America, and the Asia/Pacific region. The process is straightforward: scan, print a shipping label, and drop off the shoes at a local shipping center, all at no extra charge.

This initiative not only emphasizes Salomon’s commitment to sustainability but also ensures that the environmental impact of transportation is minimized during the recycling process.

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