The Berlin Marathon 2023 – A Clash of the “Supershoes”

berlin marathon 2023 clash of supershoes alphafly 3 Adidas adizero Adios Pro Evo 1

In the bustling heart of Europe, the Berlin Marathon unfurls its grand tapestry every year, a testament to human endurance, spirit, and the ever-evolving world of sports technology. An iconic race that weaves through the poignant landmarks of Berlin, it has a storied history of remarkable achievements and world-record performances.

But this year, beyond the pulsating rhythms of thousands of footsteps and the collective breaths of runners from all corners of the world, there lies an intriguing subplot – the duel of the “supershoes.”

The footwear industry has been in a relentless race of its own, with brands vying to integrate the pinnacle of technology and innovation into their shoes. This year, all eyes are fixated on the battle between Adidas’s newly released Adizero Adios Pro Evo 1 and Nike’s Alphafly 3 which is yet to be released but has been spotted on several top runners ahead of the race.

Both shoes, dubbed “supershoes” for their promise of superior performance and energy return, are the culmination of years of research, aerodynamic design, and advanced materials.

The Adizero Adios Pro Evo 1 boasts of Adidas’s pioneering advancements, promising a blend of lightness, and efficiency, while the Alphafly 3 is the latest chapter in Nike’s legacy of marathon-dominating shoes, a lineage that has continually reshaped the boundaries of what athletes can achieve.

As the marathoners take their positions at the starting line, it’s not just a race against time and each other but also a showcase of these technological marvels. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, a casual runner, or just a spectator, the Berlin Marathon this year is set to be an exhilarating confluence of the human spirit and the cutting edge of sportswear technology. Let the race between the “supershoes” begin!

Eliud Kipchoge Makes Another Appearance in Berlin

Eliud Kipchoge, from Kenya, previously shattered his marathon world record in Berlin, recording a remarkable 2:01:09, besting his earlier time of 2:01:39. This event marked his fourth victory and second world record in the iconic German city.

Kipchoge speaks highly of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON’s organization and its speedy track. Whether he’ll once again be the first to pass the iconic Brandenburg Gate this September is eagerly anticipated.

Amos Kipruto Eyes the Top Spot

Certainly, one athlete who aims to challenge Kipchoge is Amos Kipruto, last year’s champion of the TCS London Marathon. This Kenyan runner clinched not only the London Marathon title but also secured a second-place finish at the Tokyo Marathon 2022.

Considering the trajectory of this 30-year-old’s achievements, spectators might be in for an electrifying face-off between these two titans over the 42.195 km Berlin stretch. Notably, in 2018, Amos Kipruto came second to Kipchoge at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON.

Tigist Assefa Poised for Another Stellar Race

Last year, Tigist Assefa made headlines with an impressive course record in Berlin. Beginning the race as an underdog with a previous record of 2:34:01, this Ethiopian marvel completed the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON in an astonishing 2:15:37. This achievement placed her as the third-fastest female runner in history, securing both an Ethiopian national record and the best global time of that year. In 2023, many are eager to see if Assefa can replicate her past success in Berlin.

Sheila Chepkirui Targets Elite Achievements

Sheila Chepkirui has also left her mark in Berlin, having dazzled at the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON 2022. Even amidst chilly weather, she triumphed in the spring event with a top-tier course record of 65:02 minutes. Furthermore, Chepkirui showcased her prowess at the recent London Marathon with a commendable 2:18:51 finish. She has set her sights on a top finish at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, positioning herself as a formidable challenger to Assefa.

Men’s Race – Elite Runners in Berlin Marathon 2023

Here are the top runners in the men’s race based on personal bests, and the running shoes they are wearing:

  1. Eliud Kipchoge KEN 2:01:09 (Nike)
  2. Amos Kipruto KEN 2:03:13 (Adidas)
  3. Jonathan Maiyo KEN 2:04:56
  4. Eliud Kiptanui KEN2:05:21 (Adidas)
  5. Ghirmay Ghebreslassie ERI 2:05:34 (Nike)
  6. Ronald Korir KEN 2:05:37 (Nike)
  7. Tadu Abate ETH 2:05:38 (Nike)
  8. Philemon Kiplimo KEN 2:05:44 (Adidas)
  9. Enock Onchari KEN 2:05:47
  10. Mark Korir KEN 2:05:49 (Adidas)
  11. Andualem Shiferaw ETH 2:05:52 (Nike)
  12. Haftu Teklu ETH 2:05:53 (Nike)
  13. Amanal Petros GER 2:06:27 (Adidas)
  14. Josphat Boit KEN 2:06:34 (Nike)
  15. Tadesse Abraham SUI 2:06:38 (On Running)

Women’s Race – Elite Runners in Berlin Marathon 2023

  1. Tigst Assefa ETH 2:15:37 (Adidas)
  2. Sheila Chepkirui KEN 2:17:29 (Adidas)
  3. Tigist Abayechew ETH 2:18:03 (Adidas)
  4. Workenesh Edesa ETH 2:18:51 (Adidas)
  5. Hiwot Gebrekidan ETH 2:19:10 (Adidas)
  6. Hitomi Niiya JPN 2:19:24 (Adidas)
  7. Zeineba Yimer ETH 2:19:28 (Nike)
  8. Etagegn Woldu ETH 2:20:03 (Adidas)
  9. Gutemi Imana ETH 2:20:11
  10. Delvine Meringor ROU 2:20:49
  11. Helen Tola ETH 2:21:01
  12. Dera Dida ETH 2:21:11
  13. Fikrte Wereta ETH 2:22:50
  14. Charlotte Purdue GBR 2:23:26
  15. Senbere Teferi ETH 2:24:11

How to Watch Berlin Marathon 2023

The Berlin Marathon kicks off at 9:15 A.M. local time, translating to 3:15 A.M. ET for U.S. viewers. Though not telecast in North America, numerous platforms will be streaming it live globally. If you have a VPN, your access to these streams is even more versatile.

Watch Athletics provides a real-time, free online broadcast, whereas FloTrack offers their live coverage at a subscription fee of $29.99 for a month. For live updates on participants, the Berlin Marathon official website and the BMW Berlin Marathon App, available on both Apple and Google Play, are your go-to platforms.

The race day agenda starts with the elite handbike category at 8:50 A.M., trailed by the wheelchair and handcycle groups at 8:57 A.M. The marathon participants will begin in four successive waves from 9:15 A.M., with the men’s and women’s elite groups taking the lead.

A time cap of 6 hours, 15 minutes is set for the marathon, and there are also designated checkpoints: one at 33K/20.5 miles (3:50 P.M.) and another at 38K/23.6 miles (4:35 P.M.). Runners lagging behind these times can either use the pedestrian pathways adjacent to the marathon route or hop on the official course-clearance bus.

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