The Fastest Running Shoes In The World Right Now

the fastest running shoes in the world

Recent years have witnessed monumental advances in shoe technology, combining biomechanics with cutting-edge materials to give runners an unprecedented advantage. With brands delving into research and runners becoming increasingly discerning, today’s market offers a plethora of choices for runners looking to shave seconds and even minutes off their time. Here I bring you the fastest running shoes in the world 2024.

Running shoes with a carbon fibre midsole has revolutionized the running world. We are now seeing faster running shoes on the market, with manufacturers competing to develop lighter and more responsive soles in their running shoes. In other words, it’s more exciting than ever for anyone who loves running shoes.

Top 10 Fastest Running Shoes in this Guide:

fastest running shoes in the world 2024
  1. Nike Alphafly 3 – Fastest Nike Running Shoe 2024
  2. Adidas Adizero Adios Pro Evo 1 – Fastest Adidas Running Shoe 2024
  3. Hoka Cielo X1 – Fastest Hoka Running Shoe 2024
  4. Saucony Endorphin Pro 4 – Fastest Saucony Running shoe 2024
  5. ASICS Metaspeed Sky+ – Fastest ASICS Running Shoe 2024
  6. Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2 – Fastest Mizuno Running Shoe 2024
  7. Brooks Hyperion Elite 4 – Fastest Brooks Running Shoe 2024
  8. New Balance FuelCell Supercomp Elite V4 – Fastest New Balance Running Shoe 2024
  9. Hoka Rocket X2 – Fast and light running shoe from Hoka
  10. On Cloudboom Echo 3 – Fastest On Running Shoe 2024

18 Fastest Running Shoes in the World 2024

Fastest Running Shoes in the World 2024

It is a challenge to keep up with the development of new running shoes that are launched, but it is clear that almost all manufacturers focus on some type of carbon fiber plate in the midsole when developing new models of fast running shoes.

Many people distinguish between “fastest running shoes for 5 km and 10 km”, and “fastest running shoes for half marathon and marathon” when they list the best running shoes for different purposes. In my opinion, this is not really necessary, unless it is about track running. There, of course, spiked shoes are best.

Fastest running shoes in the world
The fastest running shoe from another fast-growing brand in the US – Saucony.

When it comes to running on asphalt and other hard surfaces, all the shoes on the list below are really fast, whether it’s short distances like 5 km or all the way up to the marathon distance. The fact that even the most elite runners use these running shoes with carbon fiber soles and sturdy soles even on short street races says a lot about this fact.

Here are the fastest running shoes in the world right now:

1. Nike Alphafly 3 – Fastest Nike running shoes 2024

fastest running shoes in the world 2024

With a world record in the marathon and a host of world times at many different distances even before its launch, there is no doubt that this is a really fast shoe. So it was no surprise that interest in the Nike Alphafly 3 was huge when it was launched on January 4, 2024. The shoe sold out in 60 (!) seconds after it appeared on Nike’s website.

The most notable record for the Nike Alphafly 3 is Kelvin Kiptum’s world record in the Chicago Marathon in early October 2023. But already in the London Marathon 2023, the foundation for the interest was laid when both Sifan Hassan and Geoffrey Kamworor wore the shoes.

There will soon be new opportunities for those interested in getting their hands on a pair of these fast shoes. I was one of the lucky ones who managed to get hold of a pair of the white prototype model of the Nike Alphafly 3. The new yellow color of the shoe model is the one that will soon be released in larger quantities to the public.

2. Adidas Adizero Adios Pro Evo 1 – Fastest Adidas Running Shoe 2024

Fastest Running Shoes in the World 2024

Adidas Adizero Adios Pro Evo 1 has to be considered as one of the fastest running shoe on the market. In its competitive debut, the shoe set a new world record for women when Tigist Assefa won in 02:11:53.

Many other top times have been recorded for the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro Evo 1 since then.

The shoe is extremely light and incredibly fast. Designed to help marathon runners perform at their peak, it is 40% lighter than any other racing shoe adidas has created at only 138 grams.

Lightstrike Pro foam is combined with cutting-edge technology in the outsole, featherweight mesh and a unique rocker in the forefoot that has been lab-tested to improve running economy.

The big downside is the price, which is well over $500, making it a shoe that is mainly for elite runners.

3. Hoka Cielo X1 – Fastest Hoka Running Shoe 2024

Hoka Cielo X1 - Fastest Hoka Running Shoe 2024

The newly released Hoka Cielo X1 stands out as one of the fastest running shoes in the world, a result of Hoka’s relentless pursuit of innovation and performance optimization. This speed machine has been meticulously engineered to shave off every possible ounce of unnecessary weight while maximizing energy return and efficiency.

Every aspect of the Cielo X1 has been designed with the singular goal of enhancing the runner’s speed. Hoka’s commitment to “keeping the foot on the gas pedal” has led to the exclusion of any element that doesn’t contribute to a faster ride. This philosophy is evident in the shoe’s dynamic cutouts, which reduce weight without compromising structural integrity or performance.

The core of the Cielo X1’s speed lies in its advanced midsole construction, featuring a winged carbon fiber plate nestled between two layers of resilient PEBA foam. This combination delivers an unparalleled balance of cushioning and responsiveness, propelling runners forward with each stride. The carbon fiber plate, known for its stiffness and energy-return properties, is specifically designed with wings to enhance stability and support at high speeds.

The aggressive rocker shape of the Cielo X1 is engineered to promote a more efficient running gait, facilitating a smooth transition from heel strike to toe-off. This design element not only improves propulsion but also minimizes energy loss during the running cycle, allowing runners to maintain higher speeds for longer periods.

With a focus on minimizing weight to maximize speed, the Cielo X1 features a breathable knit upper and a gusseted knit tongue that ensures a snug, comfortable fit without adding bulk. This lightweight construction enables runners to achieve high speeds without being weighed down, ensuring optimal performance in races.

The minimal rubber coverage on the outsole is strategically placed to provide essential traction without unnecessary weight, further contributing to the shoe’s speed capabilities. The responsive 4mm sockliner offers additional cushioning and support, ensuring that comfort is not sacrificed for speed.

Designed specifically for racing, the Cielo X1 incorporates features that cater to the needs of competitive runners. From its knit upper and collar for a seamless fit to the asymmetrical gusseted knit tongue for easy entry and secure lockdown, every detail of the Cielo X1 is crafted to support high-speed performance.

4. Saucony Endorphin Pro 4 – The Fastest Running Shoe from Saucony 2024

The Fastest Running Shoe from Saucony 2024

Both the new Saucony Endorphin Pro 4 and Endorphin Speed 4 received a warm reception when they were launched in the US this week. The previous models of these shoes have a loyal user base and therefore expectations were high for the launch.

Based on the reviews the model received, the updates have been successful and it is now faster and more comfortable than ever.

At the core of the Endorphin Pro 4’s success is the revolutionary combination of PWRRUN HG and PWRRUN PB foam in the midsole. This industry-first fusion delivers an unprecedented balance of responsiveness and smoothness, allowing runners to experience explosive energy return with each stride while maintaining efficiency over long distances.

The dual-foam system is designed to cater to the high demands of competitive racing, offering durability without sacrificing the lightweight feel essential for speed.

Saucony has elevated the Endorphin Pro 4 with the integration of a full carbon plate, meticulously engineered to enhance longitudinal stiffness. This feature is crucial for maximizing metabolic efficiency, ensuring that every ounce of energy expended by the runner is optimally converted into forward motion. The carbon plate’s design also contributes to instant turnover, facilitating a rapid pace that can make the difference in tight races.

The Endorphin Pro 4 incorporates Saucony’s acclaimed SPEEDROLL technology, a testament to the brand’s commitment to helping runners achieve effortless speed. This technology is proven to promote a forward-rolling motion, enabling athletes to maintain momentum with less energy expenditure. The result is a shoe that not only propels runners forward but does so with an efficiency that can sustain top speeds over distance.

With a weight of just 7.5oz (212g) and an 8mm heel-to-toe offset, the Endorphin Pro 4 is built for race day. Its lightweight design is complemented by a commitment to sustainability, featuring vegan materials and incorporating recycled components. This approach not only caters to the environmentally conscious athlete but also underscores Saucony’s dedication to innovation and responsibility.

5. ASICS Metaspeed Sky+ – Fastest Asics Running Shoes

fastest asics running shoe 2024

Another running shoe that is proven to be fast is the ASICS METASPEED SKY+, which has a number of runners who have achieved remarkable results in it.

The latest updates to the METASPEED SKY+ are extensive. The shoe has an even lighter upper, contributing to an overall sense of weightlessness, a crucial aspect for runners looking to reduce drag and improve speed.

The redesigned midsole is another highlight, engineered to provide better support and comfort during high-speed runs.

Another innovation that makes this such a fast shoe is the full-length carbon fiber plate. The midsole foam with an excellent responsiveness is another aspect that contributes to a springy stride. It works together with the carbon fiber plate to create a responsive platform that ensures energy return is maximized at every step.

This means the runner can save more energy, which is particularly beneficial in the latter stages of a race when endurance begins to wane.

Read more: The new ASICS METASPEED SKY Paris and Edge Paris

6. Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2 – Fastest Mizuno Running Shoe 2024

fastest Mizuno Running shoe 2024

The new carbon-enhanced Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2 is a versatile road racing shoe ideal for distances ranging from 5K to a full marathon. The design integrates dual foam layers and a carbon-enhanced wave plate, delivering a lightweight, springy sensation that aids in surpassing previous records.

The shoe features an exceptional springiness due to its ENERZY LITE foam positioned at the midsole’s base, propelling you forward with significant energy return with each stride. The ENERZY LITE+ layer, placed right under your foot, provides softness and shock absorption while maintaining a featherlight weight.

Enclosed by these foam layers is the carbon-enhanced wave plate that ensures stride stability without compromising on the plush cushioning. This plate collaborates with the Rebellion Pro 2’s Smooth Speed Assist geometry to facilitate an energetic and natural mid-foot strike.

On its upper section, the shoe boasts a simplified engineered mesh design for weight reduction and improved ventilation. This mesh is complemented by a triple lace loop and an internal support strap, securing the midfoot for a snug fit. Mizuno has equipped the outsole with G3 rubber to ensure dependable lightweight traction, enhanced by additional G3-DR rubber at critical points for increased endurance.

7. Brooks Hyperion Elite 4 – The Fastest Running Shoe from Brooks 2024

The Fastest Running Shoe from Brooks 2024

The Brooks Hyperion Elite 4 stands out not only as one of the fastest running shoes globally but also as Brooks’ premier speed champion for 2024. This unisex marvel is engineered with the insights of professional athletes to cater to both men and women seeking to push the boundaries of speed in road races.

Offering neutral support, the Hyperion Elite is equipped with the latest advancements in running shoe technology, including DNA Flash v2 cushioning and a RapidRoll Rocker midsole, complemented by a carbon-fiber plate designed to propel runners forward with unprecedented efficiency.

The Hyperion Elite is Brooks’ response to the demand for a running shoe that combines lightweight construction with powerful propulsion. The successor to the Hyperion Elite 3, this model elevates the running experience by integrating the SpeedVault Race + Plate.

This feature is meticulously tailored to each shoe size, ensuring optimized stiffness that translates into effortless speed for every runner. It’s a testament to Brooks’ commitment to personalized performance, ensuring that each stride is maximized for forward momentum.

At the heart of the Hyperion Elite’s prowess is the nitrogen-infused DNA FLASH v2 cushioning. This latest iteration is not only lighter but also more responsive than its predecessor, offering runners a significant boost in energy return. This innovative cushioning system is engineered to deliver nearly 10% more energy return, ensuring that runners can maintain their pace with reduced effort and experience a powerful push towards the finish line.

The cushioning also plays a crucial role in impact absorption, helping to preserve the runner’s legs and maintain freshness from start to finish.

Understanding the critical role of fit and comfort in achieving top speeds, Brooks has introduced an all-new, updated upper in the Hyperion Elite. This design ensures a secure lockdown of the foot, providing a distraction-free environment that lets runners concentrate on their performance.

The shoe’s streamlined design emphasizes a “barely-there” feel, reducing any unnecessary weight or bulk that could hinder speed, making it an ideal choice for athletes focused on breaking records and achieving personal bests.

8. New Balance FuelCell Supercomp Elite V4 – Fastest New Balance Running Shoe 2024

Fastest New Balance Running Shoe 2024

The New Balance FuelCell SC Elite v4 emerges as a frontrunner in the race for the title of the fastest running shoe in the world 2024, setting a new benchmark for New Balance’s performance footwear in 2024. This race-day optimized shoe is meticulously engineered for those critical moments when every second on the clock counts towards victory.

The fusion of New Balance’s advanced FuelCell technology with a streamlined carbon fiber plate encapsulates the essence of speed, offering runners an unparalleled propulsive experience.

The FuelCell SC Elite v4 is the culmination of extensive research and development efforts aimed at creating a shoe that delivers superior energy return without compromising on weight. At the heart of this innovative design is the FuelCell midsole, constructed from PEBA (polyether block amide), a material renowned for its exceptional resilience and energy return properties.

This cutting-edge technology ensures that runners experience a powerful lift with every stride, propelling them towards the finish line with increased efficiency.

New Balance has pushed the boundaries of performance footwear with the introduction of the Energy Arc technology in the FuelCell SC Elite v4. This feature incorporates a sport-specific carbon fiber plate geometry, perfectly paired with strategic midsole voids. The result is a significant increase in the amount of energy stored and returned, enhancing the shoe’s overall propulsion capabilities. Such meticulous engineering ensures that athletes can maintain their pace with less effort, maximizing their speed potential.

The shoe’s rocker profile is designed to facilitate a smooth and natural transition from heel to toe, mirroring the runner’s natural gait cycle and minimizing energy loss during the transition phase. This feature not only contributes to the shoe’s efficiency but also enhances the overall comfort, allowing runners to maintain their focus and performance over longer distances.

Despite its powerhouse of technology, the FuelCell SC Elite v4 remains astonishingly lightweight at just 237 grams (8.4 oz), ensuring that the added speed does not come at the expense of added bulk. The solid rubber outsole provides durable traction, enabling runners to tackle various surfaces with confidence and stability.

9. Hoka Rocket X2

fastest hoka running shoes 2024

There are many loyal users of Hoka running shoes in the running world, and the HOKA Rocket X2 is one of the brand’s fastest running shoe .

This model is completely redesigned in collaboration with elite runners to make you faster than ever. Here, you’ll find a geometrically shaped carbon plate sandwiched between two layers of ultra-responsive new foam.

There is also a new technical synthetic mesh upper that wraps the foot and the shoe has a more streamlined design with a narrower tongue. Another good thing for stability is the internal foot cage that provides a midfoot lockdown.

10. On Cloudboom Echo 3 – Fastest On Running Shoe 2024

Fastest Running Shoe From On Running

The On brand also has loyal users around the world. Launched last summer, the Cloudboom Echo 3 is the brand’s fastest running shoe to date and now features an ultra-lightweight design and a new cushioning type.

A stiff Carbon Speedboard® has been added in this model for increased energy return. A new Pebax super foam has also been applied, providing a highly responsive landing feel.

If you’re looking for the fastest running shoes in the world and you like On running shoes, this is an obvious choice.

11. Nike Vaporfly 3

Fastest running shoes in the world

There’s no question which running shoes dominate the world’s elite runners on the marathon course right now. Ever since the first version of the Vaporfly was launched, it has been seen on elite runners around the world. The latest model received major updates when it was launched at the beginning of the year and is now both lighter and softer than ever before.

Even the second version of the shoe is still widely used by top runners worldwide – something we could see at the recent World Marathon Championships. You can read more about the shoe model here.

12. Adidas Adizero Adios 3

Fastest running shoes in the world

Another fast running shoe that dominates among elite runners is the Adidas Adizero Adios 3. Compared to the Nike Vaporfly, I feel the midsole is significantly harder, even though this shoe has carbon fibre rods implemented. What is especially good about this particular model is that it is very propulsive.

Another good thing about the Adios 3 compared to the Adios 2 is that it now has an extra layer of cushioning in the forefoot, which means that even I, who suffer from Morton’s Neuroma, can use it without problems.

13. Nike Alphafly 2

Fastest running shoes in the world

Nike Alphafly 2 is another running shoe widely used among world runners at marathon races worldwide. I personally think that this is a clear update compared to the first model. It is both more durable and softer and gives a better running feeling. This shoe model is the one I use most often on Malta’s hard concrete surfaces, together with the Adidas Adizero Adios 3.

There is no question that this is very popular, as evidenced by the interest in the launch of the Alphafly Next% 3.

14. Saucony Endorphin Elite

Fastest running shoes in the world

The Saucony Endorphin Elite is definitely one of this year’s biggest news among running shoes with a carbon fibre plate in the midsole. It features a PWRRUN HG foam, which provides excellent energy return. The redesigned plate geometry provides a forward momentum that stands out from most other running shoes on the market.

Another thing I like about the shoes is how well the upper envelops and “hugs” the foot. This is a running shoe that offers really good support for the foot despite being a neutral running shoe.

15. Puma Fast-R Nitro Elite Run 75

Fastest running shoes in the world

The PUMA Fast-R Nitro Elite Run 75 is a running shoe designed for running marathons at higher speeds. As you can see, Puma is one of the manufacturers that stands out with its futuristic design on its fastest models.

The Fast-R Nitro Elite has an injected Nitro Elite foam in the midsole. Together with the PWRPLATE carbon plate, you get maximum energy transfer and unrivalled running efficiency. This is also a very comfortable running shoe with a sock-like fit.

16. Adidas Prime X 2 Strung

Fastest running shoes in the world 2024

The new Adidas Prime X 2 Strung is another very fast shoe from Adidas. At first glance, the Adidas Adizero Prime X 2 may look a bit bulky with its oversized midsole. It has a stack height of 50 mm combined with a double carbon fibre-infused plate system, which means elite runners do not approve it.

This is an extremely fast shoe where you really feel an extreme energy return in the sole. It almost feels like you are running on a trampoline. The first model of the Adidas Prime X was slightly unstable laterally, but this has now been corrected with a wider and more stable sole.

Prime X 2 is not approved for elite runners, and you will be disqualified if you use it. But for elite athletes and exercisers, it is okay to use it regardless of the race to break new personal bests. There is no doubt that this is one of the fastest running shoes in the world right now.

17. Asics Magic Speed 3

fast Asics running shoes

ASICS is perhaps better known for its stable and well-cushioned running shoes. But in recent years, the brand has also produced some really fast models and Magic Speed 3 is one of the fastest.

Compared to the first two models of the shoe model, it now has both softer cushioning and better stability.

ASICS Magic Speed 3 has a full-length carbon plate that provides good propulsion in the running step. The shoe also contains the familiar FF BLAST™ PLUS cushioning that provides both a lightweight running feel and good shock absorption. One thing that has always been good about running shoes from ASICS is the grip, and on this shoe, you will find an ASICSGRIP™ outsole, which is one of the best on the market.

18. Nike Ultrafly – Fastest Trail Running Shoe 2024

Fastest Trail Running Shoe

I conclude with a pair of trail running shoes. Even in this area, we now notice that different brands have started to add carbon fibre plates in the midsole. One of the trail running shoes that got a lot of attention when it was launched was the new Nike Ultrafly trail running shoe.

Nike’s designers spent over two years carefully testing and developing the shoe with input from elite Nike Trail athletes before launching it. Among the standout features is a carbon fibre Flyplate sandwiched between ZoomX foam and a fabric-wrapped midsole. This combination promises to give trail runners improved energy return.

The Nike Ultrafly also features a Vibram sole, providing exceptional traction on tough terrain.

These were my picks for the fastest running shoes in the world in 2024. The spring is usually a season when many new models of running shoes are released, so we can expect changes to this list soon. Among other things, shoe models such as HOKA Carbon X4 and Adidas Adizero Adios 4 are expected to be launched soon – just to name a few shoe models.

For those of us who love fast running shoes, this is wonderful news. Stay tuned here on my site and bookmark this article if you want to follow the development!

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