Introducing the Saucony Endorphin Speed 4: The Perfect Partner for Every Run

the new saucony endorphin speed 4

As runners, we’re always on the lookout for that perfect shoe – the one that feels like it was made just for us. A shoe that’s there for the early morning jogs, the grueling marathons, and every sprint in between. Saucony has thrown its latest contender into the ring with the release of the new Saucony Endorphin Speed 4, a shoe that promises to be as versatile as it is innovative. Let’s lace up and take a closer look at what makes the Saucony Endorphin Speed 4 a potential game-changer for runners everywhere.

Saucony Endorphin Speed 4 Release Date and Price

Saucony Endorphin Speed 4 Release Date and Price

The Endorphin Speed 4 hit the ground running on the 1st of February 2024, making it the newest addition to Saucony’s esteemed line of performance running shoes. Priced at £180.00/200€, it positions itself as a premium option for runners who demand the best from their footwear, whether on race day or during a training session.

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The New Saucony Endorphin Speed 4 Features

The New Saucony Endorphin Speed 4 Features

Designed to support runners across a spectrum of distances and speeds, the Endorphin Speed 4 brings together the best of Saucony’s technology. The shoe features the SPEEDROLL technology, ensuring effortless speed and a propulsive forward motion with every step.

The incorporation of PWWRUN PB foam provides an unmatched combination of cushioning and energy return, offering a ‘just right’ balance that’s firm enough to propel you forward and soft enough to absorb impact.

A re-engineered winged nylon plate adds vertical reinforcement, providing stability while maintaining flexibility in the forefoot. This shoe promises to be the reliable partner that shows up for every run, no matter the distance.

Saucony Endorphin Speed 3 vs 4

Saucony Endorphin Speed 3 vs 4

When comparing the Endorphin Speed 4 with its predecessor, the Speed 3, several key enhancements stand out. While the Speed 3 was lauded for its balance of flexibility and support, the Speed 4 takes this a step further with its re-engineered nylon plate, offering even more stability without sacrificing the flexibility that runners loved in the previous model.

Additionally, the continued use of SPEEDROLL technology and PWWRUN PB foam ensures that the transition from the Speed 3 to the Speed 4 is not just about maintaining the status quo but enhancing the runner’s experience.

What is the Difference Between Saucony Endorphin Pro and Speed

the new Saucony Endorphin Speed 4

The main difference between the Endorphin Pro and Speed lines lies in their intended use and construction. The Endorphin Pro is designed with an emphasis on maximizing efficiency and speed for race day, featuring a full carbon plate for rigidity and peak performance.

The Endorphin Speed, on the other hand, opts for a winged nylon plate, offering a balance of support and flexibility that’s suited not just for racing, but for a wide range of training activities. This makes the Endorphin Speed a more versatile option, ideal for runners looking for a single shoe that can handle both high-speed sprints and long-distance runs.

Are Saucony Endorphin Speed True to Size

Yes, the Saucony Endorphin Speed 4 is designed to fit true to size, providing a comfortable and snug fit that accommodates a wide range of foot shapes and sizes. Runners can confidently select their regular size for a fit that’s just right, allowing them to focus on their performance without worrying about shoe-related discomfort.

How Many Miles Do Saucony Speed 4 Last?

The durability of the Endorphin Speed 4, like all running shoes, can vary based on a runner’s style, frequency of use, and the terrains they tackle. However, thanks to the quality construction and materials used in the Speed 4, runners can expect to get a significant mileage out of these shoes.

While individual experiences may vary, the Endorphin Speed 4 is built to support you for the long haul, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

Are Saucony Speed 4 Good for Marathon?

Absolutely! The Endorphin Speed 4’s blend of cushioning, energy return, and supportive features make it an excellent choice for marathon runners. Its versatility ensures that whether you’re pacing yourself through the early miles or sprinting towards the finish line, the Speed 4 provides the comfort and performance needed to help you achieve your marathon goals.

The Saucony Endorphin Speed 4 stands as a testament to Saucony’s commitment to innovation and quality. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or a casual runner seeking a reliable shoe for all your running endeavors, the Endorphin Speed 4 is ready to go the distance with you.

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