Nike’s New Track Spikes 2024 – Here are the Models for All Distances

new nike track spikes 2024

There’s no question about which brand dominates the spike shoe scene when it comes to track and field. With the track and field season about to kick off in earnest with Diamond League competitions, it will once again be Nike that appears most frequently among runners of all distances. Now Nike has also presented its new track spikes for 2024. As usual, several innovations can be seen in Nike’s new track spikes in 2024.

All new Nike 2024 track spikes are designed with the latest technology to improve performance at different distances. From the Dragonfly 2 for long-distance runners to the Victory 2 for middle distance and the Maxfly 2 for sprinters.

New Nike Track Spikes and running shoes 2024

I’ve previously written about the world’s fastest running shoes, but when it comes to track running, the rules are a little different. There, spike shoes are definitely preferable because they provide a completely different grip and push-off. If you have not tried spike shoes when training on the track before, I can definitely recommend it because it gives a completely different running feeling.

Dragonfly 2: Nike’s New Track Spikes for Long-Distance Running in 2024

Nike's New Track Spikes for Long-Distance Running in 2024

The Dragonfly 2, Nike’s flagship model for long-distance runners, has received significant upgrades to increase speed and endurance. The shoe features an updated spike design and full-length ZoomX foam, providing a responsive feel that propels the runner forward. The introduction of a lighter and more responsive plate increases speed while maintaining durability.

The shoe’s design also focuses on stability, with a widened forefoot and midfoot space providing better control on straight courses and in corners.

Nike's New Track Spikes for Long-Distance Running in 2024

Attention to detail is evident in the Dragonfly 2’s construction, where a specially designed mesh upper provides enhanced ventilation and keeps the runner cool and comfortable throughout the race. The shoe’s fit and energy return is optimized to help athletes cover longer distances without sacrificing performance.

Victory 2: Nike’s New Mid-Distance Track Spikes for 2024

Nike's New Mid-Distance Track Spikes for 2024

The Victory 2 has been thoroughly tested and approved by the world’s leading middle-distance runners. It features a carbon fiber Flyplate and Air Zoom unit that together provide a critical increase in speed and response. The ZoomX midsole provides lightweight and responsive cushioning that converts every ounce of energy into forward momentum.

Nike's New Mid-Distance Track Spikes for 2024

Nike has engineered the Victory 2 with a wider base for increased stability and a revised spike placement that improves traction and stability during high-speed turns. The AtomKnit upper provides a contoured, breathable fit that keeps the foot in place for maximum comfort and minimal distractions.

Maxfly 2: Nike’s New Track Spikes for Sprinters 2024

Nike's New Track Spikes for Sprinters 2024

Designed for 100 to 400 meters and hurdles, the Maxfly 2 is all about explosive speed. The updated design features an improved Air Zoom unit for optimal responsiveness, while the redefined carbon fiber Flyplate provides unmatched lightness and propulsion, minimizing braking forces and maximizing acceleration.

Nike's New Track Spikes for Sprinters 2024

The Maxfly 2 has been given a higher platform on the big toe side and the central spike has been removed, improving stability on both straights and corners. This stability is crucial for athletes aiming for podium finishes in high-stakes competitions.

Nike’s new 2024 track spikes represent a pinnacle of sports technology, designed to meet the specific needs of elite athletes in all track and field events. With these innovations, Nike continues to be a leader in sports footwear by combining technology, feedback from world-class athletes and a deep understanding of biomechanics to deliver shoes that are not only faster, but also smarter.

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