Garmin’s Best New Launches – Here are all the Newest Garmin Watches

Garmin's newest GPS running watches 2023

There is no doubt which GPS watches are the most popular on the market. This also means that every new launch from the company is met with great interest. Here I’ll give you all Garmin’s Best New Launches.

Internationally, it is Garmin that dominates, and among the various models, it is especially Garmin 245 and Garmin 255 that have become best-sellers thanks to their affordability. However several other Garmin models are also popular among both running enthusiasts and other people doing other sports activities.

The Forerunner 955 has been recognised as the best running watch on many different comparison sites. But the question is whether the Forerunner 265 and 965 will now take over the throne with all the updates that have been made to the models.

Best New Launches from Garmin

  1. Best New Running Watch from Garmin: Forerunner 965
  2. Best New Affordable Watch from Garmin: Forerunner 265
  3. Best Health and Fitness Watch From Garmin : Vivoactive 5
  4. Best New Multisport Watch from Garmin: Fenix 7X Pro Solar
  5. Best Garmin Watch for Everyday use: Venu 3
  6. Best New Premium Watch from Garmin: Epix Pro 2Gen
  7. Best Garmin Gold Watch: Approach S70
  8. Best Garmin Smartwatch for Outdoor Life: Instinct 2X Solar

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Garmin’s newest GPS running watches

Garmin's newest GPS running watches

Garmin has launched two new models in the Forerunner series that are sure to be hot candidates for the best GPS running watches. They are certainly Garmin’s best new launches in running watches.

Garmin Forerunner 265 and Forerunner 965

In early March, Garmin announced the launch of the Forerunner 265 and Forerunner 965, the first dedicated running smartwatches in the Forerunner range to feature colourful AMOLED displays. This is an interesting development as one of the weaknesses of several Garmin models in my opinion is the sharpness of the screen.

In addition, smart and innovative features have been added to the watches – another weakness of the Forerunner series compared to other smartwatches on the market.

Both watches are made of lightweight materials and are brightly coloured. They also feature a colour screen that can be left on at all times and is easy to read in all weather conditions. A responsive touchscreen is complemented by Garmin’s traditional five-button design. Navigation is definitely one of the Forerunner series’ main strengths and we now see further improvements.

The Forerunner 965 has a titanium case that feels light on the wrist. Plus, this training watch provides advanced training data and health insights that make preparing for your next big race easier. Forerunner 265 has a battery life of up to 15 days in smartwatch mode and Forerunner 965 has a battery life of up to 23 days.

Further improvements to smart features

best new garmin gps watches

Forerunner 265 and Forerunner 965 offer innovative new tools to help you with your daily training and recovery. It makes it easier to access daily health insights, including smart notifications. Here are some of the smart features you’ll find on the watches:

  • A morning report gives you insights into the last night’s sleep and today’s exercise outlook. You also get HRV (heart rate variability) status and weather information (when the watch is paired with a smartphone).
  • You can use Garmin’s race widget to get training tips, personalised daily workouts and finish time predictions for an upcoming race based on course information, weather and past performance.
  • Personalised daily suggested workouts are adapted after each run to optimise your performance and recovery. This also takes into account the upcoming races that you have entered into the calendar in Garmin Connect™.
  • The Training Readiness feature provides a score based on your sleep quality, recovery and training volume, among other factors. It helps you decide if it’s a good day for a harder workout or if you should take it easy.
  • You can track your heart rate variability while you sleep to get a complete picture of your health and better manage your recovery needs.
  • You can measure running power and running dynamics such as cadence, stride length, ground contact time and more directly from your wrist – no app or accessories needed.
  • Overall, these features show how running watches are getting better at helping us in our daily training by considering recovery as an important part of training. Especially if you are a beginner, it is important to get help with this, as you may not be used to interpreting your body’s signals.

Garmin Forerunner 265 Functionalities

the new garmin forerunner 265 is it worth it?

The more affordable of Garmin’s newest GPS running watches, the Garmin Forerunner 265 has a recommended retail price of $449.99. This watch has a host of features to help you get better, faster and perform better at upcoming races.

Garmin Firstbeat Analytics™ measures performance; such as VO2 Max, performance ratio, training effect and more. If you’re training for a race, you can use adaptive training plans and choose to add your race to the calendar in Garmin Connect.

You will then receive daily suggested workouts or can utilise expert planning from Garmin coaches via Garmin Coach. There’s also the option to plan race strategy using PacePro™, which is an incline-specific guide for selected courses or distances. SatIQ™ technology and multi-band GPS also give you excellent positional accuracy even in more challenging environments.

The Forerunner 265 also keeps track of your health around the clock. There’s a wrist-based Pulse Ox sensor that measures your energy levels with the Body Battery™ feature, an advanced sleep tracking with sleep score and stress measurement. You are also given the option to record menstruation and pregnancy.

best new Garmin running watches

All in all, the Forerunner 265 is a running smartwatch that is packed with connected features, where you get smart notifications and can even download songs from Spotify®.

The Forerunner 265 is available in two sizes, the Forerunner 265S which comes in 42mm and has a battery life of up to 24 in GPS mode and up to 15 days in smartwatch mode. The Forerunner 265 comes in 46mm and has a battery life of up to 20 hours in GPS mode and up to 13 days in smartwatch mode.

Garmin Forerunner 965 Functionalities

Garmin Forerunner 965 is it worth it

The Forerunner 965 is the premium watch with a recommended retail price of $599.99. It is designed for those who strive to be the best.

So what is the difference between the Forerunner 965 and the Forerunner 265? Well, here you will find more performance data, built-in maps and the ability to store even more songs directly in the watch.

You’ll also find the new Load Ratio feature that measures your load ratio in the short and medium term. This helps you in your training so that you don’t increase the amount of training too quickly. If you want to stay injury-free, this is a great tool.

The Real time Stamina feature also helps you manage your effort levels while ClimbPro allows you to see real-time information on current and upcoming climbs, distance and elevation. There are also built-in full-colour maps to help you stay on track and go the distance whether you’re running or cycling on roads or in dense forest.

Another thing that adds to the premium feel of the Forerunner 965 is its lightweight titanium case and large 1.4″ AMOLED display. It has a size of 47mm and a battery life of up to 31 hours in GPS mode and up to 23 days in smartwatch mode.

The New Garmin Approach S70 Premium Golf Smartwatch Series

best new Garmin Golf watches

In May 2023 Garmin introduced its latest flagship golf smartwatches, the Approach® S70 series, catering to golf enthusiasts seeking enhanced on-the-course tools and fitness features.

These premium smartwatches come in two size options, offering a range of capabilities to enhance your golf game. With vibrant AMOLED touchscreen displays that remain visible even in bright sunlight, both models provide easy access to over 43,000 preloaded golf courses worldwide.

From the practice range to the final putt, the Approach S70 series accommodates golfers of all skill levels. An upgraded virtual caddie tool provides shot dispersion data and club recommendations based on various factors such as historical swing data, elevation, wind speed, and wind direction.

Additionally, both watches include an improved PlaysLike Distance feature, complemented by a built-in barometer for precise shot analysis.

The Approach S70 series boasts an extended battery life, allowing golfers to play more rounds without recharging. The Approach S70 can last up to 16 days in smartwatch mode and up to 20 hours when utilizing GPS.

The on-course features of the Garmin Approach S70 series include:

features on the new Garmin Approach golf watch
  1. Comprehensive CourseView maps: Detailed views of all 43,000+ preloaded courses, with the ability to pan and zoom for a better understanding of the terrain.
  2. Improved Virtual Caddie: Receive precise club suggestions based on factors like historical swing data, elevation, wind, and more.
  3. Enhanced PlaysLike Distance: Accurately estimate how each shot will play based on factors such as terrain, wind, temperature, and air pressure.
  4. Green Contour Data2: Plan approach shots and putts with insight into the green’s slope and severity on select courses (requires active Garmin Golf™ membership starting at $9.99/month).
  5. AutoShot round analyzer: Pair with Approach CT10 club tracking sensors for automatic game tracking, including putts and chips.
  6. Scorekeeper: Track your round score hole-by-hole and sync it with the Garmin Golf app for stat tracking and handicap calculation.

The Approach S70 smartwatches offer preloaded activity profiles for strength, HIIT, yoga, running, and more, helping golfers improve their flexibility and overall fitness.

Garmin’s suite of 24/7 health monitoring features, including wrist-based heart rate, Heart Rate Variability status, Body Battery™ energy monitoring, advanced sleep tracking, and more3, assists golfers in understanding their overall well-being.

best Garmin Golf watches

The Garmin Coach feature provides customized training plans, and the Garmin Connect™ app offers access to over 1,600 individual exercises. Golfers can even track their fitness age to gauge their body’s response to workouts.

Elegant Style for Every Occasion

best new launches Garmin Golf watches

Designed to be worn both on and off the golf course, the Approach S70 smartwatches combine a lightweight, stylish design with premium materials, including a scratch-resistant lens and a ceramic bezel surrounding a 1.2” or 1.4” AMOLED display.

These watches maintain a lightweight and unobtrusive design, ensuring they won’t affect your golf swing. Additionally, the Approach S70’s accent color ring adds a touch of flair that is sure to catch the eye.

Connected Features

best Garmin launches

Beyond golfing, the Approach S70 provides a range of features for daily life, including:

  • Smart notifications: Stay connected with text messages, social media updates, emails, and more when paired with a compatible smartphone.
  • Garmin Pay™: Use contactless payment through participating banks to purchase refreshments in the clubhouse and other locations.
  • Music: Listen to music or podcasts directly from your wrist4 when paired with wireless headphones and after downloading content from platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, or Deezer.
  • Connect IQ™ app integration: Customize your watch with different watch faces and third-party apps when paired with a compatible smartphone.

The Approach S70 series is among Garmin’s best new launches in golf watches ever and is available with suggested retail prices starting at $649.99.

The Latest Venu 3 GPS Smartwatches from Garmin

new Garmin launches

Late August Garmin announced its latest innovation in Venu-series. The Venu® 3 and Venu 3S GPS smartwatches are designed to support individuals in achieving their health and fitness objectives.

These cutting-edge smartwatches are equipped with comprehensive fitness insights, stunning AMOLED touchscreen displays, and remarkable battery life, making them the ideal companions for anyone seeking a holistic understanding of their well-being. Notably, the Venu 3 series introduces innovative features tailored to wheelchair users, enabling them to track pushes, engage in wheelchair-specific workouts, and more.

With the Venu 3 series, users can stay seamlessly connected at home or on the move, thanks to the built-in speaker and microphone, allowing for phone calls and text message responses directly from the wrist when paired with a compatible Apple® or Android™ smartphone.

Available in two sizes and designed for all-day comfort, the Venu 3 series boasts an impressive 14-day battery life in smartwatch mode, freeing users from nightly charging and enabling continuous monitoring of health metrics such as stress levels, Body Battery™, and sleep patterns, enhanced with personalized sleep coaching and nap detection.

New Features on the Venu 3 GPS Smartwatches from Garmin

New Features on the Venu 3 GPS Smartwatches from Garmin
  1. Sleep Coach: Receive a sleep score and personalized guidance on recommended sleep duration, as well as monitoring different sleep stages, naps, and key metrics like Pulse Ox and heart rate variability (HRV) status.
  2. Morning Report: Start your day with an overview of sleep, recovery, HRV status, and more. Customize the report to view personalized insights.
  3. Nap Detection: Automatically track or log naps, gaining insights into their potential benefits and the recommended time and duration for optimal rest.
  4. Body Battery Improvements: Monitor energy levels throughout the day to identify the best times for physical activity and relaxation, while gaining in-depth insights into how sleep, naps, daily activities, and high-stress situations impact energy levels.
  5. Wheelchair Mode: Designed for wheelchair users, track daily pushes, receive weight shift alerts, and access wheelchair-specific sports apps and workouts. Algorithms of some existing features were modified to enhance meaningful insights for wheelchair users.
  6. Workout Benefit and Recovery Time: Gain a deeper understanding of how each workout affects your body and determine the necessary recovery time for taking on new fitness challenges.
  7. Rate of Perceived Exertion: Record the perceived difficulty of your workouts and your overall experience.
  8. Interval Creation: Build interval workouts for running and cycling activities directly on the watch.
  9. Meditation Activity: Follow guided meditation practices to reduce stress and anxiety, among other benefits.
  10. Built-in Speaker and Microphone: Make and take calls from your wrist (when paired with a compatible smartphone), and use your smartphone’s voice assistant to respond to messages and more. Android users can also view photo messages and reply using the on-watch keyboard.
  11. Two Font Sizes: Choose between small and larger font sizes for improved readability of smart notifications, workout data, and more.

Loaded with extensive health and wellness data, the Venu 3 series is designed to keep users informed and motivated. With long-lasting battery life, users have access to health features 24/7, including heart rate monitoring, respiration tracking, Pulse Ox measurement, stress assessment, and Body Battery energy level monitoring.

While asleep or traveling, the Venu 3 series monitors heart rate variability to provide a deeper insight into overall health and offers personalized tips for reducing jet lag.

For Fitness Enthusiasts

best new Garmin launches

The Venu 3 series offers over 30 built-in sports apps, allowing users to monitor various activities, from walking and running to cycling, pool swimming, and specialized workouts for wheelchair users. Additionally, users can access preloaded animated workouts for strength, HIIT, Pilates, and yoga directly from the watch. Creating personalized step-by-step workouts from a library of over 1,600 exercises in the Garmin Connect™ app is also possible.

Training for a 5K or longer races is made easy with free Garmin Coach adaptive training plans. Beyond daily step counts, calories burned, and floors climbed, the Venu 3 series tracks moderate and vigorous intensity minutes, VO2 max during runs or bike rides, and cycling power in watts when paired with a compatible power meter or indoor bike.

For Life on the Move

Stay connected on the go with the Venu 3 series. In addition to making and receiving calls from the watch, users can receive emails, texts, and alerts when paired with their compatible smartphone. Safety and tracking features offer peace of mind by sending live location updates to chosen emergency contacts if users feel unsafe or if an incident is detected.

Garmin Pay™ contactless payments streamline checkout experiences, and users can download songs and playlists from Spotify®, Amazon Music, and Deezer (subscription required) for phone-free listening. The Connect IQ™ Store provides access to apps, watch faces, and more directly on the watch, with additional options available in the smartphone app.

The Venu 3, featuring a lightweight stainless steel bezel and silicone band, is available in whitestone/silver and black/slate, while the Venu 3S comes in pebble gray/slate, sage gray/silver, French gray/soft gold, dust rose/soft gold, and ivory/soft gold. The Venu 3 series is available with a suggested retail price of $449.99.

The Innovative fēnix 7 Pro Series from Garmin

the new fēnix 7 Pro Series from Garmin

In May 2023 Garmin officially unveiled its latest offering, the fēnix® 7 Pro Series, an exceptional line of multisport GPS smartwatches equipped with solar charging capabilities, designed to enhance the performance of athletes and adventurers.

Featuring professional-grade performance insights, enhanced mapping functionalities, and continuous health and wellness monitoring, the fēnix 7 Pro Series is engineered to excel in all-day, everyday scenarios.

What’s more, each model comes equipped with a built-in LED flashlight and a solar charging lens, providing up to 37 days of battery life in smartwatch mode and up to 139 days in expedition mode1, ensuring extended outdoor usage, day or night.

Key Features of the fēnix 7 Pro Series

Key Features of the Garmin fēnix 7 Pro Series
  1. Built-in LED Flashlight: Available in all size options, the watches offer variable intensities, a red safety light, and a strobe mode to enhance visibility during nighttime training sessions.
  2. Next-Generation MIP Display: Redesigned pixels, backlight, and solar panel improve indoor readability, delivering increased brightness, power efficiency, and adaptability to various lighting conditions, all without compromising the exceptional sunlight performance of the MIP display.
  3. Heart Rate Sensor: Enhanced optical sensors and sport-specific algorithms provide improved performance tracking for a wide range of activities, offering deeper insights into the body’s response to exercise.
  4. Endurance Score: Measure the ease of sustaining prolonged efforts, while factoring in training data like VO2 max, short and long-term training loads, and more from various athletic pursuits.
  5. Hill Score: Assess the ease of running uphill by measuring running strength on steep climbs and running endurance on long ascents, while also evaluating progress over time based on VO2 max and training history.
  6. Up Ahead: View specific running POI (point of interest) checkpoints, such as aid stations, on a map for improved awareness of what lies ahead.
  7. Weather Map Overlays: Easily access upcoming weather conditions.
  8. Relief Shading: Quickly interpret topographic maps for easy reference.
  9. Additional Preloaded Activities: Whitewater rafting, motocross, overlanding, and numerous other new activities are included to help users stay active.

The fēnix 7 Pro Series comes equipped with dozens of built-in sports apps, catering to activities like hiking, mountain biking, strength training, and more. Athletes can receive a training readiness score each morning, aiding them in deciding whether to push hard or take it easy. Advanced training metrics, including hill score, endurance score, VO2 max, training status, and others, assist in evaluating overall performance.

Features like PacePro™ provide GPS-based pace guidance, ClimbPro displays real-time climb information, and the grade-adjusted pace feature ensures an equivalent running pace on flat ground or while ascending. Stamina insights and wrist-based running power tracking help manage exertion levels effectively.

To prepare for race day, the race widget offers training tips, personalized daily workout recommendations, and completion time predictions based on course details, weather, and performance. Athletes can access personalized daily workout suggestions that adapt after each run or ride, considering performance, recovery, and upcoming races added to the Garmin Connect™ calendar.

Trusted Navigation

best new launches from Garmin

Loaded with premium mapping features, the fēnix 7 Pro Series is ready for any adventure, no matter how off-the-beaten-path it may be. Features include:

  • SatIQ™ Technology: Offers superior positioning accuracy in challenging environments while optimizing battery life.
  • Preloaded TopoActive Maps: Provides multi-continent mapping from around the world2.
  • Outdoor Maps+3: Enables explorers to access premium mapping content such as satellite imagery, public land maps, enhanced TOPO maps, and more directly on the watch.
  • SkiView™ Maps: Allows skiers to view run names and difficulty ratings for over 2,000 preloaded ski resorts worldwide, while CourseView Maps provide full-color maps for over 43,000 golf courses globally.
  • Course Creation and Sync: Users can create or find existing courses in Garmin Connect and effortlessly sync them to the watch.
  • Trendline™ Popularity Routing: Enables the creation of round-trip routes directly from the wrist, helping users find the best local paths.

All-Day Wear

With weeks of battery life and solar charging for an additional power boost from the sun, the fēnix 7 Pro Series can be worn around the clock. Users can benefit from continuous health and wellness insights, including wrist-based Pulse Ox4, Body Battery™ energy monitoring, advanced sleep tracking, and sleep score, providing a comprehensive understanding of the body’s recovery process.

A morning report offers a customized look at the previous night’s sleep, training outlook, Heart Rate Variability (HRV Status), and more.

For long-distance travelers, the Jet Lag Adviser feature assists in minimizing the effects of jet lag by providing guidance on light exposure, sleep schedule, and exercise based on trip details entered into the Garmin Connect calendar.

Even on the go, the fēnix 7 Pro Series keeps users connected. When paired with a compatible smartphone, smart notifications can be viewed directly from the watch. Safety and tracking features, including incident detection, assistance, and LiveTrack5, offer peace of mind during workouts. Garmin Pay™ contactless payments6 facilitate quick checkout, and users can download songs from Spotify®, Deezer, or Amazon Music (premium subscription required) for phone-free listening.

Rugged yet stylish, each model in the fēnix 7 Pro Series features a solar-charged display, responsive touchscreen, traditional buttons, and a fiber-reinforced polymer case with a steel bezel and rear cover. These smartwatches adhere to U.S. military standards for thermal, shock, and water resistance.

The fēnix 7 Pro Series includes models such as the fēnix 7S Pro (42mm), fēnix 7 Pro (47mm), and fēnix 7X Pro (51mm), with options for standard and Sapphire Editions. Prices start at $799.99.

The fēnix 7 Pro Series is definitely among Garmin’s best new launches for outdoor activities in 2023.

Garmin’s New Vívoactive 5 GPS Smartwatch – Garmin’s Best New Launches for Health and Fitness

Garmin new launches

In September Garmin announced the launch of the vívoactive 5, a cutting-edge health and fitness smartwatch featuring a vibrant AMOLED touchscreen display. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily life while remaining budget-friendly, the vívoactive 5 offers a comprehensive suite of health monitoring capabilities.

It empowers users to gain insights into their well-being, receive guidance on leading an active lifestyle, and achieve their fitness objectives. With a remarkable battery life of up to 11 days in smartwatch mode, there’s no need to worry about constant charging, ensuring that users have access to valuable health metrics 24/7, including stress levels, Body Battery™, and personalized sleep data with sleep coaching and nap detection.

Discover how the vívoactive 5 can assist you in tracking your health and fitness goals here.

What’s New with the vívoactive 5:

new Garmin vivoactive 5 watch
  1. Vibrant AMOLED Display: The vívoactive 5 boasts a vivid AMOLED display that enhances readability of health and fitness data, smart notifications, and more.
  2. Extended Battery Life: Enjoy extended battery life of up to 11 days in smartwatch mode, allowing users to spend more time pursuing their passions and less time tethered to charging cables.
  3. Enhanced Sleep Tracking: This smartwatch acts as your personal sleep coach, providing sleep scores, personalized coaching, and detailed insights into different sleep stages, naps, as well as key metrics like Pulse Ox and heart rate variability (HRV) status.
  4. Morning Report: Kickstart your day with a morning report summarizing the previous night’s sleep, recovery status, HRV status, and weather data (when paired with a compatible smartphone).
  5. Wheelchair Mode: For wheelchair users, the vívoactive 5 offers features like tracking daily pushes, weight shift alerts, wheelchair-specific sports apps, and workouts. Algorithm modifications enhance the relevance of key insights for wheelchair users.
  6. Body Battery Energy Monitoring: Keep tabs on your Body Battery energy levels throughout the day to optimize activity and rest times. Gain deeper insights into how sleep, naps, daily activities, and high stress affect energy levels.
  7. Guided Meditation: Reduce stress and anxiety with guided meditation practices available on the vívoactive 5.
  8. Font Size Options: Choose between two font sizes for easier viewing of smart notifications, workout data, and more.

The vívoactive 5 offers over 30 preloaded GPS and indoor sports apps, catering to various interests, including walking, running, rowing, pickleball, and activities for wheelchair users. Users can even create customized workouts from a library of over 1,600 exercises through the Garmin Connect app.

Garmin Coach adaptive training plans are available to help users prepare for races like a 5K. The smartwatch also tracks daily steps, calorie burn, moderate and vigorous intensity minutes, VO2 max, and more.

Packed with health and wellness features, the vívoactive 5 provides continuous monitoring of heart rate, respiration, Pulse Ox, stress, and more, day and night. While you sleep, it monitors heart rate variability, offering a deeper understanding of overall health. Women can track their menstrual cycles and pregnancy and receive exercise and nutrition guidance.

Stay Connected

Garmin new launches

When paired with a compatible smartphone, the vívoactive 5 keeps users connected by delivering text messages, emails, and alerts to the wrist. Android users can respond to texts using the on-watch keyboard and view photos on the watch screen. Safety features include live location sharing with chosen emergency contacts and incident detection.

Garmin Pay allows for contactless payments, and users can download songs and playlists from Spotify, Amazon Music, and Deezer for phone-free listening. The Garmin Connect app offers access to health and fitness information, while the Connect IQ Store on the watch provides access to apps, watch faces, and more.

This is one Garmin’s best new launches ever for health and fitness enthusiasts with many innovative features.

Available in multiple color options, including black/slate, ivory/cream gold, navy/metallic navy, and orchid/metallic orchid, the vívoactive 5 is available with a suggested retail price of $299.99.

The New Garmin Epix Pro Series: Garmin’s Best New Launches for Adventure in 2023

The New Garmin Epix Pro Series

In May 2023 Garmin introduced its latest innovation in the Epix-series. The epix™ Pro Series is a high-performance GPS smartwatch with cutting-edge features, including a crystal-clear AMOLED display, rugged construction, and exceptional battery life.

Offering an impressive battery life of up to 31 days, the epix Pro Series is equipped with comprehensive health monitoring and fitness metrics to support active lifestyles. Moreover, this smartwatch comes in three different sizes—42mm, 47mm, and 51mm—each featuring a built-in LED flashlight, making it an ideal companion for all your adventures.

What’s New in the Garmin Epix Pro Series

best new Garmin launches
  1. Size Variety: Choose from three size options for a comfortable fit on any wrist.
  2. Built-in LED Flashlight: Offers variable intensities and strobe mode for enhanced safety during nighttime training.
  3. Red Shift Mode: Changes display colors to red hues to aid adaptation to dark conditions and minimize sleep disturbances.
  4. Diverse Activities: Stay active with numerous preloaded activities, including soccer, basketball, racquet sports, horseback riding, and more.
  5. Advanced Training Features: Gain deeper insights into your fitness levels with features like hill score and endurance score.
  6. Up Ahead Feature: Runners can now view certain point-of-interest checkpoints, such as aid stations, on a map for better navigation.
  7. Enhanced Heart Rate Sensor: Improved multisport performance tracking with an optimized heart rate sensor.
  8. Weather Map Overlays: Simplified viewing of upcoming weather conditions with new weather map overlays.
  9. Relief Shading: Topographic maps are now easier to read at a glance, thanks to relief shading.

Designed for 24/7 wear, the epix Pro Series combines a durable athletic design with premium materials like sapphire and titanium, all complemented by a stunning full-color AMOLED display. The responsive touchscreen works seamlessly with the traditional 5-button design, providing quick access to maps, fitness data, smart notifications, and more.

The watch is compatible with a variety of bands, including metal, leather, nylon, and silicone QuickFit™ bands, allowing it to seamlessly transition from the boardroom to the gym. Customers can even personalize their epix Pro by mixing and matching bands and bezels through the “Your Watch, Your Way” feature on

Conquer Every Hour

The epix Pro Series comes equipped with numerous built-in sports apps, including new team sports like football, baseball, softball, and more, providing data and insights for various passions. Whether you’re working out at a gym or at home, the smartwatch tracks activities such as strength training, cardio, indoor rowing, stair climbing, yoga, and HIIT. Users can also follow animated cardio, strength, yoga, and Pilates workouts directly on their watch screen.

For outdoor enthusiasts, it offers tracking for activities like hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, whitewater rafting, and more.

All-Day Wearability

The New Garmin Epix Pro Series

Designed for all-day wear, the epix Pro Series incorporates advanced health and wellness tools, along with smart features to keep users connected on the go. It includes 24/7 health monitoring features such as a wrist-based Pulse Ox sensor2, Body Battery™ energy monitoring, jet lag advisor, advanced sleep monitoring with a sleep score, and more.

Users receive a personalized morning report summarizing their previous night’s sleep, training outlook, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) status, and more.

Connected Features

The epix Pro Series offers a range of connected features, including smart notifications, music downloads from Spotify®, Deezer, or Amazon Music (premium subscription required) for phone-free listening, incident detection, assistance, and LiveTrack3 during workouts, Garmin Pay™ for contactless payments4, and more.

Race Day Ready

the new Garmin Epix watch

For users training for races, the epix Pro Series provides valuable insights. It offers a training readiness score each morning to help users decide whether to push themselves or take it easy. Metrics like VO2 max, training load, training status, and more assist in tracking overall performance. Runners can access free Garmin Coach training plans for 5K, 10K, or half marathon distances, along with the race widget for training tips, completion time predictions, and a week of suggested workouts.

The smartwatch also offers advanced training features such as PacePro™, ClimbPro, real-time stamina insights, and wrist-based running power.

Navigate with Confidence

The epix Pro Series includes premium mapping features to aid explorers in staying on course during their adventures. Combining SatIQ™ technology and multi-band signal reception with multi-GNSS, it delivers precise positioning accuracy, even in challenging environments, while optimizing battery life. The epix Pro Sapphire Editions come with preloaded TopoActive maps offering global mapping coverage.

With an Outdoor Maps+ subscription (available separately), users gain access to premium mapping content, including satellite imagery, directly on their watch. Adventurers can create or discover routes in Garmin Connect™ and effortlessly sync them to their watch. Additionally, Trendline™ popularity routing helps users create round-trip routes on local paths. The bright AMOLED display ensures detailed and easy-to-read maps for informed decision-making.

The epix Pro Series is available in three sizes: epix Pro – 42mm, epix Pro – 47mm, and epix Pro – 51mm, with options for standard and Sapphire Editions. Prices start at $899.99.

The New Robust Instinct 2X Solar Smartwatch by Garmin

The New Robust Instinct 2X Solar Smartwatch by Garmin

In April 2023 Garmin revealed its latest addition to the popular Instinct 2 series – the Instinct® 2X Solar. This new smartwatch, along with the Instinct 2X Solar – Tactical Edition, joins the family of purpose-built, rugged smartwatches designed for extreme environments. Encased in a 50mm fiber-reinforced polymer case with an easily readable display, these watches are built to meet U.S. military standards (MIL-STD-810) for thermal shock, water resistance, and shock resistance.

With a water resistance rating of up to 10 ATM1 and a chemically strengthened Power Glass™ lens that’s scratch-resistant, the Instinct 2X Solar series is engineered to withstand harsh conditions while extending battery life by 50% compared to the standard Instinct 2 solar watch.

This solar charging capability ensures an unlimited battery life in smartwatch mode2, allowing users to enjoy their activities without the constant need for recharging.

Enhanced Visibility, Day and Night

The New Instinct 2X Solar Smartwatch by Garmin

The Instinct 2X Solar introduces an integrated LED flashlight with adjustable intensities, making it a versatile tool for various scenarios, whether you’re setting up camp or going for a nighttime run.

Users can choose between red or adjustable white light to illuminate their surroundings, enhancing visibility and situational awareness. In strobe mode, the light matches the user’s running cadence, alternating between white and red lights for increased visibility during activities.

A Wealth of Features for Health and Connectivity

The New Robust Instinct 2X Solar Smartwatch by Garmin features

The Instinct 2X Solar offers an array of features aimed at supporting users in their pursuit of wellness, fitness, and adventurous lifestyles:

  • 24/7 Health and Wellness Tracking, including wrist-based heart rate, advanced sleep monitoring, respiration tracking, and Pulse Ox measurements3.
  • Built-in sports apps for running, biking, swimming, strength training, and more, along with VO2 max and other training features.
  • Heart Rate Variability during sleep, providing insights into overall health, training, and recovery, based on Garmin’s Firstbeat Analytics™ technology.
  • Enhanced positional accuracy with Multi-Band GNSS Support.
  • Built-in sensors for a 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter to assist in outdoor navigation.
  • TracBack® routing to help users retrace their route back to the starting point or reference known spots relative to their location.
  • Smart notifications, Garmin Pay™ for contactless payments, and integration with Connect IQ™ apps4.

The Instinct 2X Solar is the first smartwatch to offer Obstacle Course Racing as an activity. This feature includes running segments and various obstacles. Athletes can manually record obstacle splits, and once obstacles are marked on the first lap, they will be automatically tracked for subsequent laps.

The Obstacle Course activity provides a comprehensive overview, including run metrics, elevation profiles, heart rate, and distance, among other data.

Tactical Excellence with the Instinct 2X Solar – Tactical Edition

best new Garmin launches

The Instinct 2X Solar – Tactical Edition is specifically tailored for tactical operations and comes equipped with a range of features:

  • Jumpmaster and tactical preloaded activities.
  • Projected waypoints for precise navigation.
  • Dual-position GPS formatting for enhanced accuracy.
  • Night-Vision Compatibility for nighttime operations.
  • Stealth Mode, which conceals GPS position and disables wireless communication while displaying GPS location on the watch face.

For users in areas with security concerns, Stealth Mode offers training functionality without compromising location privacy.

Illuminate the Night with Multi-LED Flashlight

During nighttime operations, the Instinct 2X Solar – Tactical Edition’s multi-LED flashlight can illuminate in either white or green light. The green light is particularly useful for maintaining natural night vision.

The Instinct 2X Solar is available with a suggested retail price of $449.99, while the Instinct 2X Solar – Tactical Edition is priced at $499.99.

Summary – Garmin’s Best New Launches

These are Garmin’s best new launches. You can already see that there is a lot of interest in all the models ahead of the Christmas season.

In a world where smartwatches are getting better at measuring general health, consumers are becoming more demanding. This is something that has also evolved in most of the models among Garmin’s best new launches.

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