Best Sunglasses for Running 2024 – Here’s everything you need to know about running glasses!

best sunglasses for running 2024

Sunglasses for runners have become increasingly popular as they become better and more effective. Most importantly, they are now so light that you hardly even feel them on your nose. Here are the best sunglasses for running in 2024.

There is a lot to consider when choosing sunglasses for running. What is the difference between sunglasses for running and cycling? What is the difference between cheap and expensive running sunglasses? These are just some of the questions that are often asked about running glasses. In this article, I answer this and much more.

Benefits of wearing sunglasses while running

Benefits of wearing sunglasses while running

Before I move on to the best sunglasses for running in 2024, I’ll bring up a question I often get. Is it really necessary to wear sunglasses when running? I haven’t worn sunglasses while running before, but I have now started using them. Here are some of the benefits of wearing sunglasses while running:

  • Protection from UV rays: Sunglasses with 100% UV protection can protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, which can cause cataracts, macular degeneration and other eye problems.
  • Reduced glare: Polarized sunglasses can reduce glare from reflective surfaces like water, snow or pavement, making it easier to see and reducing eye strain.
  • Improved vision: Tinted lenses can increase contrast, making it easier to see the terrain and potential hazards such as rocks, bumps or potholes on the road or trail.
  • Comfort: Sunglasses can protect your eyes from wind, dust and debris, reducing eye irritation and fatigue during long runs.
  • Style: Sunglasses can be a stylish fashion accessory that can also boost your confidence and help you feel more comfortable during your runs.

Overall, sunglasses are a simple but effective tool to protect your eyes and improve your performance and comfort while running, especially on sunny or bright days.

Best sunglasses for running in 2024

There are many different brands that have sunglasses specifically designed for running. However, many of the models are actually suitable for many different sports such as skiing, cycling and running.

However, there can be advantages to using sunglasses that are primarily intended for running. Especially since they are often lighter and more streamlined than sunglasses for cycling, for example. Here are my favorites for the best sunglasses for running in 2024:

Oakley Corridor MT – Best sunglasses for running 2024

best sunglasses for running 2024

Oakley is the world’s best-known sports eyewear brand, and at the beginning of this year, it introduced its first sunglasses specifically for runners: Corridor and Actuator. Corridor features Oakley’s Prizm Lens Technology, which is the result of decades of lab and field testing. This is a technology that improves detail, depth perception and also provides precise color adjustment.

Oakley took inspiration from runners to create the Corridor. They feature a sweeping full-frame design for optimal coverage from all angles while running. If you are looking for the best possible quality from one of the world’s leading brands, the Oakley Corridor is the one to go for. They are very light and comfortable and offer perfect protection even against bright sunlight.

100% Hypercraft Sport – Most stylish sunglasses for running 2024

Most stylish running glasses 2024

This pair of sunglasses from the brand 100% features an exceptional scratch-resistant coating. They are designed with a lens width of 144 millimetres, ensuring expansive coverage. The superior optics are accentuated by Ultra HD lenses fabricated from nylon that resists both cracks and chemical damage.

The sunglasses sport a 5.5-base cylindrical shield lens, enhancing peripheral vision and offering additional protection. The frame is composed of 100% proprietary UltraCarbon material. This makes the frame not only strong and resilient but also lightweight, perfect for long-term use. With 100% UV protection (UV400), these sunglasses guard against harmful ultraviolet rays.

A high-quality scratch-resistant coating is also applied to the lenses, providing extended durability. Completing the design is a streamlined, rimless shield, laser-cut to precision. This shield offers superior ventilation thanks to its strategic positioning and aerodynamic angles.

RUDY PROJECT Propulse – Popular lightweight sunglasses

most stylish running glasses 2024

Boasting an ultra-lightweight wraparound design, the Rudy Project Propulse ensures a seamless, comfortable fit, devoid of any inconvenient pressure on the head.

This performance-oriented eyewear prioritizes stability and comfort while effectively combating lens fogging through significant venting across the front structure, lenses, and side arms. Its broad lenses augment eye safety, reducing the potential for tearing, while simultaneously providing an expansive visual field.

Specifically engineered for runners, the Propulse features swiftly interchangeable lenses, a customizable nosepiece, a vent adjustment mechanism, and a handy microfiber carrying pouch.

Goodr OG – Best cheap sunglasses for running 2024

best cheap running sunglasses 2024

Goodr OG is an excellent choice for those looking for cheap sunglasses for running. Despite a price of only a little over 300 SEK, these sunglasses offer a lot of value for money. They are lightweight, comfortable and versatile sunglasses that can be used both for running and for everyday use (available in many different colors).

Of course, you don’t get top-notch lenses in this price range, but they have UV400 lenses that protect you from UV-A and UV-B radiation. Above all, these are very durable sunglasses considering the price tag.

Bliz Breeze – Best budget sunglasses for running

best budget running sunglasses 2024

Bliz is another sports eyewear brand that has become very popular due to its affordability. Among the models made specifically for running are Hero, Breeze, Matrix Nano and Fusion Nano. Of these models, I especially like Breeze, with its slightly wider lens compared to other models of running glasses from Bliz. They are made of TR90, a high-tech material with low weight and very high flexibility.

Above all, it is the versatility that impresses me. You can adjust the temple tips and nosepiece for optimal comfort, as well as replace the frame with a headband and add or remove the top of the frame to suit your preferences. They are equipped with Hydro Lens Technology™. An unbreakable X-PC with high optical quality for clear and sharp vision in different weather conditions.

The lens also has complete UV protection, minimal refractive error, scratch protection and water-repellent properties. Another great thing about the sunglasses is that the lenses are removable and can be easily replaced with other lens colors and filter categories when the weather conditions change.

Smith Reverb – Best color-enhancing lenses 2024

Best color-enhancing lenses 2024

With the revolutionary ChromaPop lens technology, Smith Reverb are designed to enhance your vision beyond ordinary capabilities. At its core, ChromaPop filters out two specific wavelengths of light that are known to cause color confusion. The result? An unparalleled visual experience that unlocks remarkable detail and color perception.

With ChromaPop, colors appear more vibrant, natural, and true-to-life. No more struggling to discern subtle nuances; ChromaPop allows you to see the world with unrivaled precision.

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Best sunglasses for running in 2024 – A few words on style

Above, I picked my favorites for the best sunglasses for running in 2024. Among these, you also found some really stylish sunglasses for running, such as Spektrum Klinger. These are somewhat reminiscent of the sunglasses I own, namely the Oakley Encoder Prizm 24K.

These are multisport sunglasses of the highest quality, but the reason why I didn’t include these in the list is that they have a nose bridge that breaks the field of vision a bit. However, in my opinion, these are one of the most stylish running sunglasses on the market.

In other words, style was a pretty important criterion for me when choosing my running sunglasses.

When it comes to style in general, I think you should make sure that the sunglasses are big enough for your face if you are going to choose stylish running glasses. One of the most common mistakes you make when buying sunglasses for running is that you buy too narrow variants that make you risk looking like an American Hillbilly.

If you choose one of the sunglasses mentioned above, you won’t have this problem.

What colors are best in sunglasses for running?

When it comes to sunglasses for running, the most important factor is the level of protection they offer against harmful UV rays. Therefore, it is recommended to choose sunglasses with lenses that have 100% UV protection, regardless of color.

That said, there are some lens colors that can be beneficial for running in specific environments or weather conditions.

For example, grey or smoke-colored lenses are a good choice for bright and sunny days because they reduce overall brightness without distorting colors. Brown or amber lenses are a good option for low-light conditions, such as running in the early morning or late evening, because they improve contrast and depth perception.

Yellow or orange lenses can also improve contrast and depth perception in low light, but may distort colors.

Ultimately, the choice of lens color depends on personal preference and the specific conditions in which you will be running. It’s a good idea to try different colors and test them in different lighting conditions to see which one works best for you.

What is the difference between cheap and expensive sunglasses for running?

What is the difference between cheap and expensive sunglasses for running? There is a significant price difference between the cheapest and most expensive models on the market. These can differ in several ways, here are some of them:

  • Lens quality: More expensive running sunglasses usually have higher quality lenses that provide better clarity, contrast and protection from harmful UV rays. These lenses may also have anti-reflective and polarizing coatings that reduce glare and improve visibility.
  • Materials and durability: More expensive running sunglasses are often made from higher quality materials, such as titanium or carbon fiber, making them more durable and capable of withstanding the wear and tear of outdoor activities.
  • Fit and comfort: More expensive running sunglasses are often designed to sit more securely and comfortably on the face, with features such as adjustable nose pads and temple tips that prevent them from slipping and bouncing during physical activity.
  • Brand and design: Brand name and design can also affect the price of running sunglasses. High-end brands often charge more for their sunglasses because of their reputation, marketing and design features.

Things to consider when buying sunglasses for running

When buying sunglasses for running, there are several factors to consider to ensure you choose the right pair for your needs. Here are some things to consider:

  • UV protection: It is important to look for sunglasses that provide 100% protection from both UVA and UVB rays. This protects your eyes from harmful radiation and prevents eye damage, including cataracts and macular degeneration.
  • Fit: The fit of sunglasses is crucial for running. You need to make sure they stay on your face without slipping or bouncing around. Look for a pair with rubber nose pads and focal tips that provide a secure grip. You can also consider wrap-around models that provide better coverage and a good fit.
  • Lens color and tint: The color and tint of your lenses affects your vision when running. Grey lenses provide a neutral color balance and are ideal for bright conditions, while amber lenses enhance contrast and are perfect for low light conditions. Yellow lenses are also good for low light conditions and can help reduce eye strain.
  • Lens materials: In terms of lens materials, polycarbonate is a popular choice for running sunglasses because it is lightweight, impact resistant and provides excellent clarity. Glass lenses are also an option but tend to be heavier and more expensive.
  • Ventilation: Running can make you sweat, which can cause your sunglasses to fog up and impair your vision. Look for sunglasses with adequate ventilation, such as small vents or mesh panels, to prevent fogging.
  • Price: It is therefore important that you set a budget and stick to it. You can find good quality sunglasses at a reasonable price, but it is worth investing a little more if you plan to use them often or in harsher conditions.

What is the difference between sunglasses for running and cycling?

Although both running and cycling sunglasses are designed to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays and provide clarity of vision, there are some key differences between the two:

  • Frame design: Cycling sunglasses are usually designed to wrap around the face to provide a good fit and reduce wind resistance. Running sunglasses, on the other hand, often have a more streamlined frame that is lightweight and comfortable for long periods of use.
  • Lens color: Cycling sunglasses usually have lenses with a darker tint to reduce glare and increase contrast in bright conditions, while running sunglasses often have lighter tinted lenses that provide better visibility in lower light conditions.
  • Coverage: Cycling sunglasses often have larger lenses to provide greater coverage and protection from wind and debris, while running sunglasses may have smaller lenses to reduce weight and provide better peripheral vision.
  • Durability: Cycling sunglasses are designed to withstand the rigors of cycling, which can involve crashes, rough terrain and constant movement. Running sunglasses are still durable, but may not need to be as robust.

Frequently asked questions about sunglasses for running

Why should I wear sunglasses while running?

Running sunglasses protect against harmful UV rays, reduce glare and increase contrast, making it easier to see obstacles on the road or trail.

How do I choose the right sunglasses for running?

Choose sunglasses with a wraparound design to provide maximum coverage and protection from the sun. Also choose lenses that are polarized and have an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare.

Which lens color is best for running sunglasses?

Gray or brown lenses are the best choice for running sunglasses because they don’t change the colors significantly and provide a clear and accurate view of your surroundings.

Can I wear running sunglasses even when it’s cloudy outside?

Yes, UV rays are still present when it is cloudy, and sunglasses can help protect your eyes and improve visibility.

How can I make sure my sunglasses stay on when I run?

Nowadays, the design of the best running sunglasses is designed to keep them in place, so there’s little chance of them slipping off. Just make sure to choose models that are lightweight and have a wraparound nose bridge.

Can I use prescription sunglasses for running?

Yes, you can use prescription sunglasses for running. Consider consulting with your optician to get the right prescription and frame to suit your needs.

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