Nike Motiva – New Shoe Designed for Comfort and Lightness

when will nike motive be released

Nike will soon launch its new shoe, the Nike Motiva, designed for people who love to walk, jog and run comfortably and easily. The shoe features an all-new rocker geometry, a new last and new full-length cushioning that delivers a soft and smooth ride for various activities and speeds. When will Nike Motiva be released? Below we give you the answer and everything you need to know about the new running shoe.

Building on its culture of innovation, Nike designers and researchers used insights from women who log workouts on the Nike Run Club app and interviews with more than 1,000 walkers, joggers and runners to understand their unique needs and create a shoe that makes every movement more enjoyable. If you’re looking for new releases in running shoes, this is interesting news – especially if you’re looking for soft running shoes as a beginner.

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Understanding Women’s Fitness Journey

Nike believes the product you wear should improve your workout, no matter how you move. As the definition of sport continues to become more personalized, varied and redefined between different activities, Nike has fundamentally changed how it serves and supports women’s fitness journeys – no matter what it looks like.

The Nike team noticed that most women who logged their first workout in the Nike Run Club app had an average length of 13 minutes and oscillated between walking, jogging, running, starting and stopping throughout the activity. This observation triggered an exploration of new ways to accommodate better this athlete’s unique on-the-go experience through meaningful innovation.

The Creation of Shoes That Help Make Exercise More Fun

When will Nike Motiva be released?

Through hundreds of interviews and focus group sessions in the Nike Sport Research Lab and people’s homes, the Nike team knew that stop-start slow-pacing patterns are often due to fatigue, causing discomfort and frustration. And they knew that this experience prevented people from truly enjoying their movements – sometimes long before they could enjoy them or feel their workouts’ physical and mental benefits.

This motivated the team to create a shoe that would help make exercise more enjoyable and ultimately motivates people to keep going.

Nike Motiva: Designed for Comfort and Lightness

nike motiva shoes design

Nike Motiva is a new shoe designed to help you move more comfortably and easily. The shoe has been created to remove distractions and address the discomfort that can accompany how you feel during and after an activity.

According to Dr. Emily Farina, principal scientist at the Nike Sport Research Lab, the result is a shoe that can help reduce interference with your stride to make movement feel smoother.

All-new Rocker geometry

nike motive are they good running shoes

When the Nike team looked at the insights, they realized that at a slower pace, people are more likely to hit the ground heel first. The sole of the Nike Motiva features an exaggerated rocker that helps provide a smooth transition as you move forward.

The rocker portion helps facilitate the foot landing on the ground after the heel strike before helping to roll the foot forward to push back for the next step.

Comfortable Cushioning

Nike Motiva cushion 2023

The Nike Motiva is built to make every movement more comfortable. The shoe features Cushlon 3.0 foam in the full-length midsole to provide cushioning that helps soften the impact when your feet hit the ground.

The new ComfortGroove lugs on the outsole help make the underfoot experience even smoother, compressing where and when you need it. A soft foam waterfall collar wraps the ankle and heel, while an internal half-bootie helps you smoothly get the shoe on and off with ease.

Brand New Fit

Nike motiva running shoe fit

Throughout testing, testers told Nike that a narrow shoe is not their preferred fit. So the team built Nike Motiva on a new, data-driven mold that provides the wider forefoot, arch and toe box that testers asked for.

When Will Nike Motiva Be Released?

When will Nike Motiva be released?

Nike Motiva will be available in May on and at select Nike stores and other specialty retailers. It comes in three different colors for both men and women.

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