Introducing the Fast-R 2 NITRO™ Elite: PUMA’s Latest Breakthrough in Running Technology

Puma Fast-R 2 Nitro Elite new super shoes with carbon fiber midsole

PUMA unveils its latest marvel in the world of running shoes, the Fast-R 2 NITRO™ Elite. This shoe represents the pinnacle of innovation in race-day footwear, designed to enhance your running experience and set new personal bests.

The Fast-R 2 incorporates cutting-edge NITRO™ ELITE technology, offering a perfect blend of speed and comfort with a 40mm stack height. Whether it’s a sprint or a marathon, this shoe is crafted to take you further and faster.

The Evolution of Speed: Fast-R 2’s Enhanced Features

Puma Fast-R 2 Nitro Elite

As a successor to the revolutionary Fast-R NITRO™ Elite, the Fast-R 2 sets new benchmarks in energy efficiency and performance. It boasts a 22% increase in energy storage and up to 46% more energy return compared to its predecessor.

This translates to significant time savings for marathon runners, making every stride more effective. The shoe’s innovative design includes a two-part midsole and the signature PWRPLATE, ensuring optimal energy transfer and propulsion at every step.

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A Fusion of Style and Performance

The Fast-R 2 NITRO™ Elite isn’t just about performance; it’s also a statement in style. The shoe features a next-gen ULTRAWEAVE upper, lighter than ever, and is adorned with a custom PWRTAPE.

Its PUMAGRIP outsole guarantees superior traction on various surfaces, letting runners confidently tackle any course with unparalleled speed.

Romain Girard, Head of Innovation at PUMA, highlights the extensive consumer and athlete feedback that shaped the Fast-R 2, making it a record-breaking addition to PUMA’s running shoe lineup.

Availability and Special Editions

Starting February 22, 2024, the Fast-R 2 NITRO™ Elite Psychedelic Rush will be available on, in flagship stores, and through selected retailers worldwide.

Celebrating a Century: The Fast-R 2 NITRO™ Elite Ekiden Rush

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Japan’s esteemed Ekiden relay race, PUMA introduces the Fast-R 2 NITRO™ Elite Ekiden Rush. This limited edition model features unique design elements, including a special 100th-anniversary logo and the iconic purple Ekiden sash.

A mere 1,000 pairs will be released on December 8, 2023, at select PUMA outlets and online, marking a tribute to this historic event in the running community.

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