Nike’s Trailblazing Innovation: The Zegama 2

nike zegama 2 release date

In the year 2022, Nike revolutionized the trail running scene by introducing the innovative Nike Zegama. This shoe, specifically designed for ultra runners, featured the groundbreaking ZoomX foam. This foam, known for being Nike’s lightest and most responsive, with unparalleled energy return, was introduced to trail running for the first time through the Zegama. The shoe distinguished itself with a higher stack height, enhanced stability, and improved durability, all aimed at supporting athletes in their long-distance endeavors.

Collaboration and Evolution: The Making of the Nike Zegama 2

nike zegama 2 release date

Over the subsequent two years, Nike engaged in a collaborative effort with both professional and amateur trail runners worldwide. Teaming up with Vibram®, a leader in traction technology, they meticulously refined the design, functionality, and comfort of the Zegama 2.

This collaboration led to the highest total wear-tested mileage in Nike Trail’s history, reaching over 35,000 miles (more than 56,000 kilometers) during the development phase. The Zegama 2 retained the beloved features of its predecessor while enhancing each key component for better performance, without any unnecessary increase in weight.

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Design and Features: A Closer Look at the Zegama 2

nike zegama 2 release date

The tongue of the Zegama 2 displays the words “All Day” and “All Night,” reflecting the endurance and capabilities of both the shoes and their wearers. The shoe features a new, lightweight engineered mesh upper that provides the perfect balance of structure, containment, and support. The innovative single-layer mesh upper includes a vamp liner for improved breathability and water drainage.

The shoe’s ZoomX midsole is both lightweight and responsive, offering unparalleled energy return. The new model includes a thin, stiff, durable SR02 carrier that shields the soft foam from harsh trail elements while maintaining desired cushioning and stability. Additionally, more foam has been added underfoot for enhanced comfort.

The wider footbed of the Zegama 2 instantly offers comfort and stability, accommodating the natural expansion of a runner’s feet over long distances. The collaboration with Vibram® has resulted in a custom rubber outsole with multi-directional lugs, inspired by Nike’s original Waffle design, offering improved traction on diverse terrains.

Testimonials: Athletes Speak on the Zegama 2

nike zegama 2

Nike Trail athletes have praised the Zegama 2 for its versatility and performance. Tyler Green, a Nike Trail Athlete, has tested the shoe across various terrains and distances, finding it consistently provides a comfortable and stable experience.

Erin Clark, another Nike Trail Athlete, commends the Zegama 2 for its perfect blend of cushioning, responsiveness, and stability, even on challenging terrains.

Nike Zegama 2 – Technical Specifications and Availability

nike zegama 2 specs
  • Weight: Women’s size 8 (264g); Men’s size 10 (320g)
  • Stack Height: Women’s size 8 (Forefoot 31mm, Heel 35mm); Men’s size 10 (Forefoot 32mm, Heel 36mm)
  • Offset/Drop: 4mm
  • Lug Height: 4mm

Nike Zegama 2 Release Date

The Nike Zegama 2 is set to launch in May 2024, offering a new benchmark in trail running footwear.

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