Mizuno Neo Vista: The Next Generation of Running Shoe

mizuno neo vista release date

Mizuno Neo Vista offers an unprecedented blend of simplicity and high performance. Here is the Mizuno Neo Vista release date and all the features of the new shoe model.

Those who have tested the running shoes from Mizuno can testify to their comfort and high performance. Some of the most popular models from the brand are the Mizuno Wave Rider and Wave Inspire, while the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2 is the brand’s super shoe with a carbon fiber plate and sensational design.

Designed with the runner’s ultimate comfort and efficiency in mind, the new Mizuno Neo Vista incorporates some of Mizuno’s most advanced technologies. For example, the Smooth Speed Assist feature provides a seamless transition in the midfoot that’s perfect for long runs, while the MIZUNO ENERZY NXT provides the necessary cushioning and responsiveness needed to keep your pace easy and your stride light.

Mizuno Neo Vista Release Date

Mizuno Neo Vista Release Date

Mizuno Neo Vista will be launched in June 2024 and has a price of $180. Pre-Order begins May 17th, 2024 at 10 AM. The shoe will be released in two different colorways; Estate blue-river blue (Blue upper) and Plein Air-River Blue (White upper).

A New Class of Running Shoes

Mizuno Neo Vista Release Date

Neo Vista has a clear position in the market, transcending traditional categories and embodying what is often called a “super trainer”. It is neither a high-speed racing shoe nor a conventional training shoe; it is designed for those who want a fast yet comfortable run.

This shoe is for runners looking for a balanced experience that supports both moderate speed training and relaxed long-distance sessions.

Innovations in Race Technology

Mizuno Neo Vista running shoe launch date 2024

The Neo Vista utilizes an innovative feature called Smooth Speed Assist. This technology, based on the science of foot angles, significantly reduces calf strain and makes your run smoother.

Unlike other models in Mizuno’s lineup, the Neo Vista’s foot angle is optimally adjusted to support a variety of running experiences, making it a versatile choice for different running styles and distances.

Advanced Materials for Top Performance

Mizuno Neo Vista launch date 2024

In its quest for superior performance, Mizuno has introduced the next generation of materials, MIZUNO ENERZY NXT. The new formulation provides a softer, more responsive feel and takes performance to the next level.

Compared to Wave Neo Ultra, ENERZY NXT is 20 grams lighter, provides 83% more cushioning and delivers 60% more energy, which means a significant improvement in both comfort and efficiency.

Commitment to Environmentally Friendly Practices

Mizuno Neo Vista running shoe

Mizuno is also paving the way for environmental sustainability in the sports shoe industry. The Neo Vista is made from materials that are more than 60% environmentally friendly by weight. These innovations in the shoe’s upper and sole materials have led to a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions per shoe.

In addition, the entire Wave NEO collection has achieved a reduction of 1.0 kg of CO2 emissions per collection, underlining Mizuno’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its products.

Mizuno Neo Vista represents a significant step forward in running technology, blending cutting-edge materials and environmentally conscious manufacturing methods to offer a superior running shoe that meets the diverse needs of modern runners.

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