Therabody Revolutionizes Wellness Tech with New Theragun Line and Brand Revamp

new therabody products 2024
Elevating Everyday Wellness: Therabody's Latest Theragun Innovations and Brand Makeover

In a significant leap forward in wellness technology, Therabody has unveiled its latest range of Theragun devices, alongside a fresh brand identity and a dynamic marketing initiative titled “The Workout Called Life.” This move marks a major evolution for the company, further cementing its leadership in the wellness market. Here are new Therabody products for 2024.

The percussive therapy device known as TheragunⓇ, a standout product from Therabody, leads its market segment in sales, securing a 71% share of the U.S. market over the past year as reported by research from NPD Group*.

Therabody’s strong foothold in the market is reflected in its financial achievements, with a revenue increase exceeding 13 times from 2018 to 2021. In February 2021, Therabody successfully carried out its initial fundraising effort, attracting a diverse group of investors that includes athletes, financial backers, popular figures, and celebrities.

New Therabody Products 2024

New Therabody Products 2024

When I selected the best massage guns of 2023, a massage gun from Therabody also ended up at the top of the list. In my opinion, the Therabody Elite is the best on the market thanks to its deep impact and ergonomic handle.

Now Theragun has launched new products, which is exciting news for athletes and runners who need good recovery products. Therabody’s new offerings include three innovative Theragun models, each designed to cater to various consumer needs:

Theragun PRO Plus

the new Theragun PRO Plus

Priced at $599, this top-of-the-line model offers six therapies, including near-infrared LED light, vibration, heat, and cold therapies, breathwork protocols, and a heart rate sensor. It’s engineered for professional and athletic use, promising enhanced performance and recovery.

Here are the most important features on the new Theragun PRO Plus:

  1. Infrared LED light therapy, capable of reaching deep into muscles and joints, stimulates blood flow and supports healing processes.
  2. Vibration therapy focuses on treating joints and sensitive regions more directly.
  3. Heat therapy is utilized to speed up the warm-up process and enhance mobility.
  4. An optional cold therapy component is available to assist in minimizing swelling and inflammation, thereby alleviating pain.
  5. The device offers breathwork protocols, which include gentle haptic vibrations to guide users in their inhalation and exhalation, promoting the calming effects of deep and slow breathing.
  6. A built-in heart rate sensor monitors your pulse, providing tailored feedback. The device can sync with complimentary routines available in the Therabody App, aimed at reducing heart rate to help relieve stress-related symptoms.
  7. The device features Theragun’s exclusive Percussive therapy, offering a range from intensive deep tissue massage to softer pressure, all scientifically validated to aid in the recovery from muscle soreness and pain.

Theragun Sense

Theragun Sense massage gun

Available for $299, this device is a quieter, stress-relieving tool combining percussive therapy with biometric feedback and breathwork. It’s ideal for those seeking moderate intensity relief and stress reduction.

Theragun Relief

Theragun Relief massage gun

Priced at $149, this simple, effective, and quiet device offers fast relief from aches and pains. It’s designed for everyday use and will be available in exclusive colors at Best Buy and Target.

These devices are now available at and select retailers.

A New Chapter in Wellness and Recovery

Therabody’s founder, Dr. Jason Wersland, emphasized the company’s commitment to making Theragun devices more accessible and effective than ever. The CEO, Monty Sharma, highlighted the company’s focus on expanding their reach to a diverse audience, from parents to frontline workers.

The brand refresh includes a reimagined packaging strategy focusing on clear communication of the benefits of each product. This strategy aims to help consumers easily find the right Theragun for their lifestyle.

“The Workout Called Life” Campaign

The new marketing campaign, “The Workout Called Life,” showcases six diverse characters, including grandparents and office workers, highlighting the universal need for recovery. Each story demonstrates how Theragun can be a daily ally in facing life’s challenges.

Therabody invites consumers to explore this new era of wellness with products available at Therabody Retail Stores, Best Buy, Target, and other retailers. The company reaffirms its dedication to enhancing lives, showcasing how each challenge in “the workout called life” can be met with the right recovery partner.

*NPD Group

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