Most Popular Home Gym Equipment 2024

Most Popular Home Gym Equipment 2024

Every year, global Google searches for ‘Home Exercise’ almost double in January thanks to all the New Year’s resolutions to start exercising. The same goes for searches for individual home exercise tools, which get a big boost in January every year. Here I bring you the most popular home gym equipment in 2024.

To investigate the prevalence of home fitness, I’ve identified the most popular home fitness equipment by analyzing global search volumes, showing what people are most likely to buy online. It is notable that the total searches globally for treadmills went from 823,000 searches in December 2022 to one million searches globally in January 2023.

The fact that again in November 2023 we already had a search volume of one million in total suggests that in January 2024 we may again see new record figures this year.

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Most popular home gym equipment in 2024

Home Gym Equipment
Global Search Volume
Bench Press
Yoga mat
Walking Pad
Resistance Band
Exercise Bike
Rowing Machine
Adjustable Dumbbells
Elliptic Machine
Ankle Weights
The data was collected from Ubersuggest and double-checked with Google Trends to ensure accuracy. The search used the English terms of the search term to get the best possible overview of the topic. It excludes the search volume of other dominant languages such as Spanish.

The treadmill is the Most Searched for Home Fitness Equipment.

Most Popular Home Gym Equipment
Nordictrack T-series are one of the most popular treadmills on the US market.

The treadmill tops the list of home fitness equipment searches, with around 823,000 global searches on average per month.

This is far more than the average monthly searches for other popular home equipment. The treadmill is a great warm-up for more strenuous exercise or can easily be integrated into a fitness routine. Nowadays, treadmills are also more affordable and better than ever before and you can get really good treadmills for a cheap price.

Most Popular Home Gym Equipment
Walking Pads are growing in popularity.

A clear trend is also more compact and collapsible treadmills, showing a 176% increase in global searches according to Exploding Topics Pro. But an even more remarkable increase is the keyword “Walking Pad” which has seen an impressive growth of +1640% in the last five years.

Dumbbells Second Most Popular

Most Popular Home Gym Equipment
Adjustable dumbbells have an impressive growth in search volume in the last five years.

The second most popular fitness items are dumbbells, with 673,000 global searches on average per month. A sub-category of this is adjustable dumbbells which had huge growth during the Covid period, but have fallen back slightly in popularity since then.

However, there is still high search volume for both dumbbells and adjustable dumbbells.

Yoga Mats also Popular

instructional yoga mats
Yoga mats still have a huge monthly search volume.

In fourth place comes yoga mats, with 368,000 average global searches per month. Yoga mats are useful for a variety of exercises, as well as providing a comfortable surface for warming up and stretching.

These too saw a big increase in search volume during Covid, but demand has experienced a dip in the years since, as have dumbbells.

However, it is still an exercise product with high demand in the global market.

Recovery Products have Huge Growth

best compact massage guns
Compact massage guns are getting more popular

Products that don’t belong to the “gym equipment” category, but rather recovery gadgets, are massage guns. These have an impressive search volume of 450,000 searches per month globally and a growth of +1867% in the last five years.

The interesting thing about massage guns is that they tend to have a peak in the number of searches around December at Christmas time, while the search volume is about half during the rest of the year. An interesting detail with these is that we see a trend where the smaller and more compact models of massage guns are getting better and more efficient.

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