2023 Garmin Fitness Report: A Chronicle of Movement and Milestones

Garmin Fitness Report 2023

Garmin, the industry leader in sports watches and an authority in fitness tracking, has unveiled its annual Garmin Fitness Report for 2023. This report, a barometer of physical activity across the globe, offers insights into the exercise routines that kept the world moving in the past year. With Garmin’s position as the world’s foremost brand in sports watches, this document is as close as we come to a comprehensive overview of global movement trends.

A Surge in Active Pursuits

The data amassed from Garmin Connect™, the company’s prolific tracking platform, indicates a robust increase in physical activity among its users. A diverse array of exercises saw heightened engagement, with running, walking, cycling, strength training, and indoor cardio topping the list of pursuits.

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Strength and Stamina: Equipment and HIIT on the Rise

top trends in exercise according to Garmin

Remarkably, the report notes a 19% surge in the use of fitness equipment. This uptick is complemented by an impressive 112% increase in High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), underscoring a growing preference for vigorous and efficient workouts.

Outdoor Adventures and Competitive Sports Gain Traction

2023 was the year that saw Garmin users take to the great outdoors and the competitive courts in droves. Activities such as trail running, gravel cycling, and e-bike excursions flourished, indicative of a shift towards more adventurous forms of exercise.

Tennis, too, enjoyed a resurgence, with a 76% increase in playtime, reflecting a keen interest in racquet sports.

Mindfulness and Wellness Take Center Stage

The report also casts light on the significant strides made in disciplines focused on mental and physical well-being. Yoga, Pilates, and breathwork activities all charted double-digit growth, signaling a collective move towards holistic health practices.

Garmin’s Unwavering Commitment to Innovation

As the document details the year’s fitness phenomena, it also reaffirms Garmin’s unwavering commitment to innovation. The company continues to redefine the experience for athletes of all levels with its cutting-edge technology, proving that every day presents a new opportunity to outdo yesterday’s achievements.

The full 2023 Garmin Fitness Report is available here, providing an expansive look at the ways people stayed active throughout the year.

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