ASICS introduces the CURATORIAL Collection: A Fusion of Retro and Modern by Kiko Kostadinov and ASICS

the new ASICS UB6-S GT-2160 retro sneaker

The latest CURATORIAL Collection, a joint effort by the innovative minds at Kiko Kostadinov Studio and ASICS SportStyle team, redefines the running shoe aesthetic with a blend of retro charm and contemporary style. Here is everything you need to know about the new ASICS UB6-S GT-2160 retro sneaker.

Retro running shoes are very hot in both men’s and women’s fashion right now. One of the most popular models on the market is the ASICS Gel-Kayano 14, which is a classic that has been reborn on the fashion scene. Now another retro model of running shoes is coming out on the market when the UB6-S GT-2160 is launched.

A Creative Collaboration Elevates Running Gear

the new ASICS UB6-S GT-2160 retro sneaker

Kiko Kostadinov’s collaboration with ASICS has produced the UB6-S GT-2160™ sneaker, an outstanding model that exemplifies the fusion of curated style and athletic functionality.

This partnership highlights a shared commitment to elevating the running shoe design, merging Kostadinov’s distinctive aesthetic with ASICS’ commitment to performance.

An Artistic Approach to Sneaker Design

the new ASICS UB6-S GT-2160 retro sneaker

The CURATORIAL Collection includes the meticulously reworked US5-S GEL-QUANTUM KINETIC, US4-S GEL-TERRAIN, and UB6-S GT-2160 sneakers. Each model in this collection represents a reinterpretation of classic ASICS designs through the artistic vision of Kiko Kostadinov Studio.

The collection stands out for its exploration of contrasting material environments—Brandishing, Lucent Gloss, Soft and Hard Frames, and Pattern Tessellations. These themes are skillfully woven together to create a balanced visual experience that plays with symmetry, repetition, geometry, and the aesthetic of imperfection.

Color Palettes Inspired by Nature and Emotion

the new ASICS UB6-S GT-2160 retro sneaker

The CURATORIAL Collection’s color schemes draw from deeply thought-out themes such as subverted shadows, new neutrals, and pastel touches. These palettes are inspired by a journey into the darkest shades, evoking a sense of serenity and using complementary hues that enhance the overall design.

The selection of colors reflects a sophisticated understanding of how subtlety and boldness can coexist in design, providing a fresh take on sneaker aesthetics.

This collection is not just a series of shoes but a bold statement in fashion, blending practicality with the high art of sneaker design. Kiko Kostadinov and ASICS continue to push the boundaries of what athletic wear can represent, offering sneaker enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals a new way to express their style.

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