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Looking to conquer your next marathon? Our Marathon Training category is the ultimate resource for runners of all levels who want to optimize their performance and reach their full potential. Our Marathon Training category has everything you need to prepare for the race of a lifetime, from expert tips on building endurance and strength training to advice on proper nutrition and injury prevention. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a first-time runner, our comprehensive guide will help you crush your goals and confidently cross that finish line. Start your training journey today with our Marathon Training Tips.

how to avoid stomach problems on a marathon

Tips For Avoiding Stomach Problems During Marathons


One of the biggest threats to completing a marathon is stomach problems. Some people are more sensitive than others when it comes to what they eat before a sporting event, but most people who have trained or competed close to their maximum effort level have certainly experienced what their stomach…

The best alternative exercise to running

The best alternative exercise to running


With the right kind of alternative training and the right attitude, it is possible to maintain and even improve your fitness even when you are injured. Even otherwise, it can be wise to prevent injuries by planning a few alternative sessions, mainly to replace the recovery sessions during the week….

The best help for runner's stomach 2023

The Best Help for Runner’s Stomach – Here Are The Strategies That Help With Stomach Discomfort While Running


Runner’s stomach, also known as exercise-induced gastrointestinal distress, refers to a range of digestive symptoms that some individuals experience during or after intense physical exercise, especially running or other endurance activities. I have often had these problems myself, especially during tough workouts. Here I bring you the best help for…

effective marathon training on a treadmill

Effective Marathon Training On A Treadmill


Marathon training is a challenging and rewarding endeavour that requires a significant amount of time, effort, and dedication. While many runners prefer to train outdoors, sometimes weather or other factors may make it necessary to train on a treadmill. Despite the perception that treadmill running is boring or less effective…

How fast can I run a marathon

How fast can I run a marathon?


When planning for a new season, the key is, of course, the capacity you currently possess. For those who already have a competitive season behind them, it is easier to determine what goals are realistic, but for those who have not tested their limits in competition or training before, it…

when is it worth doing double sessions a day in marathon training

When Is It Worthwhile To Do Double Sessions Per Day?


Several magazines, including Runner’s World, have referenced the benefits of running twice a day. One of the benefits mentioned is that it increases blood flow through the body, thereby helping to reduce stiffness and soreness, among other things. However, there is reason to think about adding an extra workout a…

best books on running 2023

10 Great Books On Running


I am a bit of a bookworm who would prefer to spend my days reading. I’m interested in all kinds of literature, but most of all, I read so-called non-fiction books such as autobiographies and inspirational literature on economics and self-development. In this post, I’m sharing the best books on…