The New ASICS GT-2000™ 12: A Blend of Comfort, Support and Durability

The new asics gt 2000 running shoes

Now it’s here, the new version of one of the most popular anti-pronation running shoes. Designed to provide unrivalled support and comfort, the ASICS GT-2000™ 12 gives runners an enhanced experience, allowing you to focus on the journey and not the ground beneath them.

There are a number of interesting features on the new ASICS GT-2000 that make it stand out in the running shoe market. As mentioned, it is one of our most popular pronation running shoes, along with the ASICS Gel-Kayano, and also many features are similar to those we find on both running shoes.

However, the ASICS GT-2000 is slightly less expensive and therefore more accessible to all wallets.

Why the ASICS GT-2000™ 12 stands out from the crowd

the new Asics GT-2000 12 running shoe

After rigorous testing at the Institute of Sports Science (ISS) in Japan, ASICS confirmed that the GT-2000™ 12 was built with a dual focus on comfort and support. Here are some of the features on the new ASICS GT-2000 running shoe:

  • 3D GUIDANCE SYSTEM™ technology: 3D GUIDANCE SYSTEM™ is a groundbreaking feature that provides optimal support by guiding the foot through a natural stride. The added stability keeps you on track throughout your run.
  • PureGEL™ technology: With a focus on softness and shock absorption, PureGEL™ technology reduces the impact on joints and makes each step softer than the last.
  • FF BLAST™ PLUS foam: Whether you run on tarmac or trails, this foam provides a softer landing and extra cushioning, increasing comfort levels on rougher terrain.

The research didn’t just stop at these technologies; a plethora of additional features have been incorporated into the shoe, making it the obvious choice for many runners.

Understand your foot type with the GT-2000™ 12

As a new runner, understanding your unique and individual needs isn’t easy, often relying on various forms of running tests at sports shops to analyse your stride. However, ASICS also provides runners with an analysis that you can use:

Neutral feet:

neutral feet running shoe analysis
  • Type of arch: Normal sized arches.
  • Offset: Even distribution from the forefoot.
  • Ground contact: The foot contacts the ground with the outside of the heel and rolls inwards to absorb shock and support body weight.

Overpronating feet:

Overpronating feet running shoes
  • Type of foot arch: Low arches or flat feet.
  • Imprint: Mainly the big toe and second toe.
  • Contact with the ground: The foot starts on the outside of the heel and rolls inwards too much, transferring the weight to the inside of the foot.

Technical features and innovations of the GT-2000™ 12

  • Jacquard Mesh upper: Improves breathability and overall foot comfort.
  • AHARPLUS & AHAR LO-HRD outsoles: Provides maximum durability and traction, ensuring the shoe lasts as long as your run.
  • OrthoLite X-30 Sockliner: Improves comfort from the moment you put your foot in.
  • Reflective details: For running at dusk or dawn, these details increase visibility in low light.
  • Eco-friendly design: Taking a step towards sustainability, ASICS manufactures the shoe with over 50% of its upper from recycled materials. The manufacturing of the shoe insert also results in reduced water use and carbon emissions.

The GT-2000™ 12 is also a vegan-friendly shoe. Although the shoe has not been certified by an independent third party, no materials of animal origin, including yarn, glue or adhesives, have been used in its manufacture.

In summary, the GT-2000™ 12 from ASICS is more than just a shoe – it’s a commitment to quality, durability and the unrivalled joy of running. Whether you are a seasoned marathon runner or a beginner, this shoe promises to elevate your running experience.

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