Saucony Triumph 22 Release Date – Here Are All The New Features on the Shoe

Saucony Triumph 22 release date

Saucony has many interesting launches coming up in 2024. Already, they have launched one of the best anti-pronation running shoes on the market in the form of the Saucony Guide 17. Now, a new model of the brand’s most cushioned running shoe is coming to the market with the release of the Saucony Triumph 22. Here is the Saucony Triumph 22 release date and all updates on the new shoe model.

I have previously recommended the Saucony Triumph 21 for many different types of runners. In my opinion, this is one of the best models for those who stand all day at work and it is also one of the most cushioned running shoes on the market. But Saucony doesn’t stop there. Now they have further improved the model and added features that give it more energy return in the running stride.

Saucony Triumph 22 Release Date

Saucony Triumph 22 release date

Saucony Triumph 22 will be released in May for $160, which makes it one of the most affordable running shoes in its field. It embodies the perfect blend of comfort, performance, and durability, wrapped in a package that appeals to both the everyday runner and the performance seeker.

New features on the Saucony Triumph 22

New features on the Saucony Triumph 22

The latest iteration not only upholds the legacy of its predecessors but also introduces significant advancements, making it a highly anticipated release for runners seeking maximum cushioning without sacrificing performance.

The Triumph 22 is designed for those who prioritize comfort and an ultra-responsive ride during their runs. Saucony has elevated the experience by incorporating an enhanced foam and refining the shoe’s geometry.

One of the standout features of the Triumph 22 is the introduction of PWRRUNPB foam, a material previously seen in high-performance models such as the Endorphin Pro and Endorphin Speed. For the Triumph 22, Saucony has reformulated this foam to suit the everyday runner, providing an energetic, soft, and plush experience that responds to every stride with unparalleled energy return.

New features on the Saucony Triumph 22

Unlike the “Super Shoes” that have become popular among runners, the Triumph 22 opts out of including a rigid plate, favoring instead a wider platform in the midfoot area. This design choice not only enhances stability but also makes the shoe accessible to a broader range of runners without compromising on the responsive qualities that make a great running shoe.

It strikes a perfect balance between support and flexibility, offering just enough structure to cater to those who may need extra support without the bulk typically associated with support shoes.

Durability and traction are also key highlights of the Triumph 22. The outsole features robust rubber that not only withstands the wear and tear of regular runs but also provides exceptional grip across various surfaces. This durable layer extends slightly higher at the back of the shoe, ensuring that the more sensitive foam is fully protected from the elements and the rough and tumble of road running.

The engineered 3D mesh upper is another aspect where the Triumph 22 shines. It promises an extremely comfortable fit, wrapping the foot in a breathable material that accommodates movement while ensuring a snug, secure feel. Continuing from the design cues of the Triumph 21, the shoe features an improved lacing area that allows runners to easily achieve the perfect fit, highlighting Saucony’s attention to detail and commitment to runner comfort.

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