ASICS Launches the New TRABUCO MAX 3 Trail Shoes – More Cushioning and Support for Your Off-Road Running

asics trabuco max 3 trailskor

Slightly under the radar, ASICS has now launched its latest running shoes TRABUCO MAX 3. There is very little information available about this new launch, but based on the images available, as well as product information, this is ASICS’ most cushioned trail shoe to date.

Trail running has become a popular sports activity that combines fitness training with nature experiences. Thus, with the increasing demand for high-quality trail shoes, ASICS now presents its latest innovation – TRABUCO MAX 3. This shoe represents a blend of protection and comfort, designed to enable an optimal running experience in different terrains.

Protection and Comfort: The Heart of the TRABUCO MAX 3

asics trabuco max 3 traiskor

The TRABUCO MAX 3 is ASICS’ most protective trail running shoe to date. The main features of the shoe are as follows, many of which are familiar from previous releases during the year such as the recently launched ASICS Novablast 4:

Integrated Midsole in FF BLAST PLUS foam: This advanced foam provides a soft footbed, reduces stress on joints and increases comfort.
ASICSGRIP Outsole: Provides exceptional traction in both wet and dry conditions, essential for safe trail running.
Elevated Midsole Design: Increases cushioning and comfort, while reducing stress on the feet.

Technology and Features: What Makes the ASICS TRABUCO MAX 3 Special?

asics trabuco max 3 traiskor

The ASICS TRABUCO MAX 3 is a running shoe packed with a range of technological innovations that raise the standard of what a trail running shoe can offer. One of these key features is the FF BLAST PLUS foam, which offers superior cushioning, resulting in a more comfortable and gentle running experience.

This foam ensures that every step feels soft and responsive, which is especially important during long runs on varying surfaces.

Another significant feature is the ASICSGRIP rubber outsole. This sole is designed to improve grip and durability, which is especially crucial on the unpredictable and sometimes challenging terrains that trail runners often encounter. Whether it’s wet rocks, muddy trails or dry, slippery surfaces, the ASICSGRIP rubber sole provides reliable grip, increasing both safety and running efficiency.

asics trabuco max 3 trail löparskor

To further enhance the runner’s performance, the TRABUCO MAX 3 has incorporated GUIDESOLE technology. This technology is designed to help runners conserve energy, which is crucial during long-distance running. By reducing the overall energy consumption during each stride, GUIDESOLE technology allows the runner to maintain a higher speed for longer, enabling them to perform better in longer races.

Comfort and functionality are further enhanced by the use of a technical mesh material in the shoe’s upper. This material allows excellent ventilation and contributes to a cooler and more comfortable running experience, even during long and demanding runs.

asics trabuco max 3 trailskor

Another practical feature is the clever looped lacing system. This design helps to keep the laces in place, which is an important factor on uneven terrain where runners can often find the laces coming loose or tripping on them.

Finally, TRABUCO MAX 3 is designed with the environment in mind. With at least 50% of the primary upper made from recycled materials, and a more eco-friendly manufacturing process, these shoes are not only good for the runner but also for the planet. This eco-friendly design demonstrates ASICS’ commitment to sustainability and their efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their products.


asics trabuco max 3 trailskor

ASICS has shown a huge amount of innovation throughout the year and I would say that it has been one of the best in the field this year. Especially when it comes to updating previous models of their running shoes. Even the TRABUCO MAX 3 seems to be an interesting addition, although there is very little information available about this launch.

ASICS TRABUCO MAX 3 is a running shoe that is said to offer an unrivaled combination of protection, comfort and durability. Its innovative design and eco-friendly manufacturing methods place it at the forefront of trail running shoe development.

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