ASICS Launches NIMBUS MIRAI™: A Pioneering Eco-Friendly Running Shoe

ASICS Launches NIMBUS MIRAI™: A Pioneering Eco-Friendly Running Shoe

ASICS has unveiled the NIMBUS MIRAI™, its latest innovation in running footwear, designed with both performance and sustainability in mind. The name ‘MIRAI’, meaning ‘future’ in Japanese, underscores ASICS’ dedication to shaping a sustainable future for runners worldwide.

This cutting-edge shoe not only delivers the expected performance of the GEL-NIMBUS™ line but is also crafted to be completely remade after its running life ends.

Designed for Durability and Recyclability

ASICS NIMBUS MIRAI™ Eco-Friendly Running Shoe

The design of the NIMBUS MIRAI™ focuses on a circular life cycle, encouraging users to return the shoes for recycling once they are worn out. This initiative is part of a broader returns program aimed at promoting circularity in running gear.

The shoe features a uniform polyester material construction, ensuring ease of recycling, with a special glue developed by ASICS to facilitate easy separation and recycling of the parts.

ASICS NIMBUS MIRAI™ Eco-Friendly Running Shoe

Furthering its commitment to innovation, ASICS has developed the NIMBUS MIRAI™ with an FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO midsole, made from about 24% renewable materials, including by-products from sugar cane processing. This not only enhances comfort but also aligns with sustainable practices.

The shoe’s upper is designed to be detachable, allowing for 87.3% of the material to be recycled and transformed into new polyester fabric.

ASICS’ Commitment to Sustainability

ASICS NIMBUS MIRAI™ Eco-Friendly Running Shoe

Embracing a holistic approach to sustainability, ASICS aims to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. The launch of the NIMBUS MIRAI™ follows the success of the GEL-LYTE™ III CM 1.95, which set records for its low CO2e emissions.

ASICS is not just transforming shoe design but also fostering a sustainable philosophy that integrates the wellbeing of the planet with the health of its users.

A Global Call to Action

The NIMBUS MIRAI™ is part of ASICS’ global strategy to address the significant environmental impact of the footwear industry, which sees billions of shoes end up in landfills annually. By redesigning shoes for multiple life cycles, ASICS reinforces its vision of a ‘Sound Mind in a Sound Body’ within a ‘Sound Earth.’

The NIMBUS MIRAI™ running shoe is available for both men and women in select markets, including the US, UK, Netherlands, and France, through ASICS retail stores and online platforms starting April 12, 2024, priced at $180 and 200 EURO. ASICS encourages runners to embrace this model not only for its performance but also for its environmental benefits, contributing to the goal of a sustainable future.

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